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Easy to use100% agree

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Great product for the money, I recomend it.

I decided to buy this flash because a friend of mine has the first version of it, and I liked it, so I wanted to try out this version.

I found this flash to be more powerful, and to have more control over its power than the first version because it has fine tuning of each power level, wich is great for me, I use it as a secondary and fill light with an SB-24 as the main light, and I am getting great results.

It is an excelent value for the money, the only thing I dont like about it is the built in slave because it almost does not work in daylight so dont count on it, it works better at night and indoor.

It is also good to have a slave mode to ignore preflash.

Cons: No zoom, no TTL, slave not so good in daylight.

Pros: Ignore pre flash, fine tuning of power, wide algle card included, bounce card included, excelent value for the price.

If you dont have a lot of money to buy Nikon's last creation, this is the flash for you, buy two as I did.
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It was an awesome product, A great value for my money.

I purchased a Canon camera that allowed me use with a hot shoe mounted flash. A did a search and after seeing the specifications of YongNuo YN-460H l purchased it.
It was compatible to my camera and I installed it and began taking pictures.
The features I liked about the camera was its adjustable power feature. I used it in different mode and liked the adjustable head for bounce flash. Also the adjustable power allowed me to use it as fill with some shots I made in sunlight.
The flash is well- made with a metal reinforced shoe and. It seems to last well on the AA batteries. I did use rechargeable one.
For my use I found it very acceptable and rate it highly.
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Just what I needed

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A great external off camera Flash.

I was very impress by the ease of use on this flash, I own a Nikon SB-700, SB-28dx, and SB-600, and this flash is just as versatile as they are. I use this flash primary as a manual strobist type of work and its functions well for that and the optical trigger is great. Easy to adjust, battery is good and Guide Number is high and love the price tag as well. Overall if you just need a flash for a Flash this is for you.Read full review...


It's like a strobist

It's like a strobist was actually on the product development team.

- Metal shoe, I've busted and replaced many shoes on name brand units, this one is indestructible.
- LONG timeout, self shut off is 30 or 60min depending on mode, my silly sb-28's would go into standby every few min when i changed the batteries
- Dead simple, button controls. The nikons are complicated, the vivitars are not buttons
- Great swivel
- Nice flip down diffuser
- Nice stand with needed threaded hole
- BUILT IN SLAVE! that saves you $10 right there, and it's intelligent to work with iTTL pre-flashes
- Fast recharge, you can hear the very unusual switching charging circuit.
- Entertaining manual when read aloud thanks to automated translation.

- no shoe lock
- no pc cord socket
- no zoom (but really you don't need it) (Oh they have a higher end model for only $20 more that has zoom)

Really solid product, thank you for making this.
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Great deal for the money.

Great deal for the money. I already had one of the previous model and with the energizer ultra lithium batteries for electronics I get great battery life. It is a manual flash so no TTL metering ( at least with my setup, I don't want to give false info if it is possible) so it takes a little extra thinking/ adjusting for compensating the exposure meter. That being said, its a great alternative to the 1st party flashes that are more then 6x the cost.Read full review...


Would have been happy to pay double for it!

This is an amazing speedlight!
I recommend this to anyone who wants to become a strobist! It's cheap and awesome, and mixed with a Yongnuo RF-602RX transmitter and receiver you've got yourself a cheap and portable studio.

I mixed two of these with my 580EX II to create a 3 lighting setup, it's well worth it's price and my 580EX II becomes fully manual when mixed with a wireless transmitter and receiver (Without selling a leg) so why waste close to $800 on another two ETTL flash units when they aren't going to use ETTL metering anyways?
For the price, go for it! Of course you can buy better speedlights that recharge faster after a full power flash. But if that extra $400 really worth half a second?
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Great value for your money. You get more than you pay!

I am a Portuguese amateur photographer that sometimes enjoys strobbing.
I owe a few os these flash units which so far worked perfectly.
Please bare in mind that this is a MANUAL flash, so those of you who wish to use any "automatic" modes should look somewhere else.
It's easy to work with and extremely versatile (built-in difuser, 2 axis rotating head, robust body and hot shoe).
Works also great under the "slave" mode, although I must say that the red plastic in the front, although looking extremely professional, is a hoax: the light detector is placed in the flash head itself, right beside the flash lamp.
This unit flashes like if the sun was in your living room!
I could not expect more from a product at this price range.
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Excellent manual flash

Quite a powerful, head spinning, diffuser and business card as it should, just put up power, skip mode preflash and generally sensitive trap ...

Does not remember the setting when you turn off the power when you turn raises the minimum.
Very good flash for the money. Made by quality - quite on the level of native Canon / Nikon. I think the main advantage of the opportunity to work in slave mode, that is, to stand on the leg (it) and an external flash from vspyha (eg from the flash, the built-in digital camera.) Moreover, this mode has the ability to adjust.
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A great buy! Good for the Money, and great performance

The best feature is the Value for the money.

An inexpensive flashlight, the YN460II can work both as a slave and your primary light.
It has enough power, even at median settings, for using it against an umbrella be it a 33" or a 43" one.

The recharge time is fast, and the battery lasts long enough, showing quality electronics inside (efficient high voltage inverter).
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