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Love the game !!!!

Love the movie as well & got the entire series thanks on to this 1 helps makes the entire series complete & i thank you on that & again i love the movie :)

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I like this movie!

Throw everything away you know about the Canadian berserker's actual origin – Department H, James MacDonald Hudson, Silver Fox, Team X, all of it – and just enjoy an intense if spectacularly disjointed ride.

The X-Men franchise has been famously described as a mixed-up, muddled up mess and I am not one to put up much of an argument against that assessment. It is, however a mixed-up, muddled up mess of which I'm very fond.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the fourth film of a series that now numbers nine offerings and is so loosely tied to any other as not to matter a great deal whether watched in order of release. It's raw and funny (sometimes unintentionally, but still) and wort a look by any fan of Marvel's mutant cadre. Hugh Jackman is always the pro in these frenzied features and Liev Schreiber's turn as antagonist Sabretooth here is as compelling as an over-the-top bad guy can get. In short, I like this movie!
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X-Men Origins:Wolverine - Great Movie Night DVD!

A few hits and misses with the story line but overall, not a bad Wolverine movie. The best loved X-Men character's origins is told; how he came to get his powers and his relationship with his half brother Sabertooth (1st X-men); his relationship with Sabertooth, their falling out, leaving for a better life; Falling for Silverfox and being happily in love for years; The Sabertooth comes back after a long absence and kills Silverfox? Wolverine agrees to the surgery to make his bones - metal. He's a long time war veteran and he has no idea that his woman isn't dead? Silverfox can manipulate by touch but can't do a thing to Stryker, so he can let her sister go and the other kids? Don't the kids have super powers? Doesn't Wolverine have metal for bones and regenerates - what's the point of Maverick trying to shoot him? Professor X is the most powerful mutant, besides magneto - couldn't he do something before to help the kids? And where is magneto? A lot of the story doesn't make sense but you know how the Hollywood big shots do with these comic book characters; mess them up big time! (i.e. Gambit, Dead Pool and this script.) Still, this is Hugh Jackman and he's Wolverine and we love that. And we watch the silly plot, the nice fight scenes, the gun play, stuff blowing up and all the shiny stuff that blinds us from seeing that. But this is X-Men Origins Wolverine and we love him. So, it was a GREAT MOVIE!Read full review...


Wolverine fans, rejoice ! A true telling of Logan's backstory, awesome !

As a Wolverine fan, I absolutely adore this film. Now it may be a smidge darker than other X-Men films and perhaps a bit on the mature side, but it certainly reflects the tragic story of Logan better. I love the original X-men trilogy, and I feel this is a tremendous prequel to the entire series. I love Hugh Jackman and as far as I am concerned he is Wolverine. This being his first directorial debut, I think it is phenomenal, and Deadpool's appearance is ominous, frightening, and downright
eerie. I think Deadpool has to be the coolest, wickedest villain, save for Megatron, in the history of comic book and cartoon characters combined !
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Wolverine Is A Bit Too Mean and Bitter For Me and PG-13

Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) turns the screen to fire as he seeks personal vengeance upon those who have worked so hard to exploit his talents for self gain. Wolverine's mysterious past comes alive in this 4th Marvel Comics X-men mutant film directed this time by Gavin Hood (Rendition). As Origins goes, the film franchise had no problems picking Jackman to star in this prequel film series. Hopefully we might see more of the same coming to you local theater sooner than you think. Sporting a PG-13, in my opinion was a purely monetarily calculated MPAA mistake, since most of the film seems to be more of adult nature.

Putting things into perspective, I seem to remember decades back of studies pointing to violence in mainstream film and television that causes violent tendencies in children and adults alike. "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" seems to capitalize on hostile attitudes which helps affect our overall attitudes towards the way we perceive things. I really think this kind of early exposure to out of control thinking and violent acts is truly not good for anyone, much less an gullible teen whose mind becomes extremely influenced by biases and role models.

Origins takes us down a dark road where the story takes a turn to some kind of childhood trauma which causes a young James Logan to bond with his half brother, Victor (Liev Schreiber), who later as a man becomes the power hungry and destructive, super-mutant Sabretooth.

Both James and Victor seem to have immortality and are both seen serving in the U.S. Civil War, WWI, WWII, and several other skirmishes before becoming separated by some kind of strife between them. Wolverine's mutant powers include killer claws that shoot out from his knuckles. This ability becomes even more enhanced by a laboratory procedure that almost kills him. The procedure was administered while Wolverine was submerged in solution and put into suspended stasis. He is then injected with a strong alloy compound called Adamantium which bonds with his skeletal structure permanently.

This procedure causes him to have flashbacks of his life with his girl-friend and happier days. His new life begins as a super-super mutant when he overhears them say that they are about to erase his memory. This new rebirth and betrayal will fuel his temper and cause him to seek total vengeance upon those responsible for his current problems.

Even though X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a successful blockbuster action film, many would probably agree with my opinion that the extreme cursing as well as the death of the old farmer and his wife were totally unnecessary and inappropriate to adding to the storytelling substance of the film.

Other mutants include Danny Huston as Stryker. I'm glad I didn't pay money to see this at the theater when it first came out, but it is still a good film to watch late at night when nothing else is on television.

I'll give this a 4/5 for CGI effects and then production aspects of the film.

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love the action, worth the time I spent watching it...

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Trader Vick's (his hair was perfect)

All action(visually spectacular) aside, this franchise installment is my favorite. The fact that it focuses on the back story of Wolverine is sure to please any Xmen fanatic, and it does. What, I believe, makes this film great is the fact that is does not rehash the same old characters and merely put them in a new conflict of right verus wrong. X-Men Origins/Wolverine indroduces a cast of new and equally interesting characters from the comic book series and at the same time gives you a peek into the infant stages that effectuates the "X"team of mutants. My wish is that the next story revolve around the origin of Xzavier.Read full review...


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I loved this movie! In fact, out of the 4 X-Men movies so far, this is the best! The action is great, the special effects are amazing, and the acting is right on-target. Who ever cast this movie knew exactly what he or she was doing. All of the actors and actresses were perfect for their roles.
I found the storyline to be very informative about the origins of Wolverine, as well as wonderfully entertaining.
I do have a problem with understanding where the fact that Sabertooth is Wolverine's brother, although he was in the original X-Men as a totally different character ( not to mention that he looked nothing alike in the two movies).
As far as a rating, I give it an A-. It is an action-packed thrill ride from beginning to end, but not for children under the age of 13. Far too much violence for the little ones, but just right for we X-Men fans. Buy this one and enjoy!!!
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a great backstory on X-Man -- Wolverine

One word --- Amazing!

This is must have for any X-Men fan. The opening credits show alot about Wolverine and his brother (who eventually becomes Sabertooth) both men have been executed, shot, and ran out of many towns until they are offered a chance at joining a secret group of Soldiers of Fortune. Wolverine eventually becomes disgusted with Sabertooths actions and quits the squad. However, this does not stop William Stryker (The Squads leader) from offering Wolverine a chance at getting revenge against Sabartooth.

Wolverine goes through an intense reconstruction where instead of bones flying from out of his skin, the metal knives we have become accustomed to are installed. It is later we discover that Stryker has actually been hunting down mutants and placing them through weird and strange experiments.

Other X-Men characters who are featured in this film include: Professor Charles Xavier and Cyclops. Also keep an eye out for a Ryan Reynolds in his role as Deadpool - a man who is very quick and gifted with a sword.

One note to end on. My wife who is a fan of these movies but has never read a comic book in her life (Garfield and Heathcliff excluded) became confused by the films ending. Remember this film is about how Wolverine stared and does not have all the X-Men characters nor does it end on such a high note. The remainder of the Wolverine story (for film purposes / not comic versions) is contained within the first 3 X-Men Movies.
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Movie has it all : action, sci-fi, romance

It goes without saying: Hugh Jackman is HOT! His character, Wolverine, is far more developed than in the other 3 X-Men movies (and, yes, I'm talking about his biceps as well as his personality). The plot reveals not only his origins, but his traumas and emotions. Wolverine goes from being (warning: groan alert!) a mere comic book character to being a three-dimensional person you can relate to. The movie has it all: action, science fiction, romance and some beautiful mountain scenery. Enough war scenes to please the guys, enough tenderness for the gals; a perfect date movie! If you are already familiar with the X-Men (not just the movie versions) you will have fun spotting famous characters like Sabertooth, Cyclops and Deadpool who appear in the film but are NOT referred to by their mutant aliases. If you are not familiar with the characters, you will still understand what's going on, and perhaps be intrigued enough to pick up an X-Men comic or watch the other X-Men movies. The actor playing Gambit was perfectly cast. Look for Will I. Am (of the Black-Eyed Peas)who does a great job in a supporting role.Read full review...

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