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Wicked scary

This is a must for scary movie buffs everywhere. The main character is wicked.

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A Traveler's nightmare!

We enjoyed this movie. It is not full of blood and gore in comparison to "Inside" but it does have its moments. It makes you think about what would you do if you were out in the middle of no-where and in a broken down vehicle. Personally I would of opted to stay where I was, until morning. The movie has its twists and turns and was enjoyable, but my Husband and I would of taken that guy out a long time ago and turned his sick and twisted game into his OWN nightmare. Plus our weapons would of be on our person. Have fun with this movie, it was worth the price.Read full review...


Crocodile Dundee Gone Bad

If you can make it through the road trip part of this movie it gets better. The trip on the way to Wolf Creek Crater takes forever. I fell asleep a couple of times during this part and didn't miss anything. Once the horror begins there are couple really good scenes. My personal favorite was the "head on a stick" scene. It made me cringe a little and reminded me of a scene from the original Hills Have Eyes. There are lots of references in this film to Crocodile Dundee because it takes place in Australia... and the bad guy’s name happens to be Mick.Read full review...


Definitely One You'll Want to RENT FIRST!! 3.5/10

Unfortunately, we can not give Wolf Creek a very high rating. Scary? Not at all. Gory? Not really. Interesting? Did not really hold our attention.

It is however stated to be based on true "events". It based in Austrailia, and the actors/actresses accents were kind of a turn-off. Seemed to be more of a Budget Film. We didnt much care for it.

Rent It or Buy It? We say definitely RENT IT first.

Wolf Creek is not a movie we would watch again.

Our Overall Rating: 3.5/10

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Texas Cainsaw massicar of Asstraila

This movie remided me of the first Texas Chainsaw massicer. People in nowhere needing help and noone to help them. The only help is not who you would want to help you. Little more blood and guts but then they make it look more real. The thing to me a Fear factor, and most movies today don't meet it this one does. Most of the scary movies today are just goarer movies but this one is scairy real chiller. Top Fear factor is 5 and I give it that.Read full review...



I would recommend anyone that enjoys a good thriller, to watch this movie. My husband and I enjoyed watching it, and will as we get the urge to do so again. There are not many movies that I will watch more than one time, but this one as you can I enjoyed so much that I purchased it. Hope this helps, with those that wonder about this movie!!Read full review...


wolf creek ... if you love gore

I love horror movies. All kinds. Supernatural... zombies ...psychological thrillers... even slashers...
Wolf Creek was so terrifying that I had to take a break part way through ! I guess because it's based on a true story.
The plot is simple: there's a sadistic serial killer in the Australian Outback. He likes to torture.
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wolf creek dvd

heavy accents. I could not make out the spoken words. Very dissapointed. would not recommend seeing it.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRead full review...

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