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A most intertaining and suspenseful movie that often "keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats.

As an avid student of WWII history and as a fan of Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood, I find this movie (which I first viewed in a theater in 1968) to be most suspenseful and entertaining. I have viewed this movie on a DVD many times. I lost the DVD and ordered this copy it replace it and watch it again in the near future.Read full review...

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Crafty Flick Approaches Vintage Status

Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood seamlessly evolve into an intricate, improvisational, and deadly duo of emissaries. It would be nice to see Eastwood do more supporting roles as he is superb when he does, like Jack Nicholson. Burton is also terrific, and the only thing about Mary Ure's performance is wishing she was more intertwined into the plot. The pace of action and intrigue is the movie's strongest point, but the Gondola and Castle scenes are breathtaking. This is one of those movies that has improved with time and rates close to 4 and 1/2 stars.Read full review...



Pretty good action film about a British commando mission led by Maj. John Smith (Richard Burton) on a mission to rescue an American General who has knowledge of the Allied European invasion plans. He is being held in an impenetrable castle, "The Schloss Atler" high in the Bavarian mountains. Accompaning The raid is an American officer, Lt. Schaffer (Clint Eastwood). The plan is to drop in by parachute and make their way to the town by the foot of the castle. The castle is formidable because the only way in or out is by a long cable car ride, which makes surprise almost impossible. The team is successful, and with a lot of action and fighting rescue the General and escape. By using the typical Nazi bravado of Identifying oneself as SS and asking questions, then threatening punishment when not answered, vital information is extracted from the Nazis who were questioning the General. As it turns out, this was the entire mission. The General was an imposter, acting like a General to fool the Nazis. The mission was to extract information that could identify a top double agent in the British High Command. This was an action-packed film shot on location in Switzerland and Bavaria. The acting was pretty good and the plot wasn't revealed until just the right time.Read full review...


Great product & DVD

Product performed as advertised And would order again,If the need came about.

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Military or War Movie collection must have.

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came on-time

Perfect condition as advertised

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Can't go wrong with this exciting movie!

Where Eagles Dare is one of my all time favorite WW2 movies. I love owning it now. Great DVD! I believe this movie is based on a true WW2 experience. he stars are Richard Burtain and Clint Eastwood. They play their parts in a respectful professional manner! I love that we, as a nation, has not forgotten our military from the war that set so many people free, and, preserved our way of live. This film is a tribute to those that have served.Read full review...


An excellent older WWII movie with action and suspense.

A very suspenseful WWII movie with an all star cast. The plot evolves into a "who done it" where agents and double agents all fall under suspicion. Only in the last minute of the movie is the "bad guy" revealed.

It's ashamed that for some reason this movie does not show up on television as it did 30 years ago.

Brillant performances by Richard Burton and a very young Clint Eastwood!

A definite "must see" for any history buff. The film set in every scene looks very authentic with beautiful realistic backdrops of mountains and snow covered elevations. Even the equipment, weapons, and uniforms and insignia worn by the actors are historically correct!

I give it an A+ for acting and suspenseful plot. Being a 1967 production, few movies were done as well as "Where Eagles Dare". Watch it an see if you don't agree.
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DVD Shipment

Delay in arriving.. Took to long..I dont know why I have to enter 100 characters to make a simple point. They take too long to ship thier product..what more needs to be said.......

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