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Western Digital Blue 2.5 inch 500GB Hard Drive

If you are looking for a 2.5 inch mechanical hard drive there are only really two names to consider- Western Digital and Seagate. Recent consolidations of manufacturers only underscore this fact.
Both have a history of making highly reliable drives at a moderate price. The WD Blue is nearly as fast as the Black version and it does its work using less power. WD has arguably the best head parking hardware (important with the read/write heads floating less than a hair's width above the magnetic media and the vulnerability of Laptops.
Competing Seagate drives are actually hybrids using SS memory to augment their speed. Nevertheless, Seagate is only barely faster on mostly non-repetitive data.
I've used multiple WD and Seagate drives in my computers daily for over two decades and my personal experience has been that both should last well over a decade with a slight edge for WD. This reliability is still a goal for their competitors. Will the reliability consolidated manufacturers reach those of the parent companies ... only time will tell..
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Western Digital Blue! is the best hard drive on the market!

Western Digital Blue is the best hard drive on the market! Seagate, some says is one of the best? not so much, they don't hold up good at all! If You want an hard drive that lasts, get an Western Digital Blue! You won't be sorry!Read full review...

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Fast and nice packaging

I like the speed, well labeled and accurate delivery of what was ordered. It's good I choose them

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Reminds me of a Diehard battery.

Works super fast and the computer has no problems in starting or restarting. The old hard drive it is replacing still pulls up everything on screen quicker than our desktop, even though it was physically damaged. This is a great product.Read full review...

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Nice and quiet for the price


works great

instalation was easy. works great

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500 GB of pure, quiet awesomeness. Great product. Worth every penny!

Wesern Digital hard drives are hands down the best hard drives on the market. No one can compete with their technology.

The Scorpio line of hard drives are WD's laptop hard drives (2.5"). The two types refer to the rpm (speed of rotation)

Blue rotates at 5400 rpms. Black rotates at 7200 rpms.

Benefits of higher rpms are that data transfers faster. disadvantages are your computer runs hotter and the hard drive is louder.

It is important to match your hard drive speed with the recommended computer specs.

Overall, this is a very good hard drive that runs quiet and cool with a whopping 500GB!!!!
Western Digital is all you need to say to know that it is a top quality hard drive
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Flawless works like new drive at half the price!

No difference noticed with the refurb 500 GB Hard Drive. It passed all Western Digital Factory surface scans and tests and I loaded both XP & Vista on it with all drivers and updates and it worked flawlessly. I'm going to install a copy of win 7 on it permanently. High quality, silent, fast. Very happy with a refurb that was much less than a new drive.Read full review...



This is a Great hard drive. It Works. It was very easy to install. Saved us a ton of money to go this route instead of through a pc place, and the computer is up and running. Best part is they come without all the progams that slow a computer down, so we were able to use it only for what we wanted instead of all the things we bought the computer with.Read full review...

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