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Great value for the money. Worth every penny.

Product is very decent for the price. I cannot speak for how long it will last, but appears to be decent. NOTE: If you have problems with it being recognized in My Computer, which I ultimately had problems with this. Chances are good it wasn't assigned a drive letter. Do this by doing the following steps.

Windows Vista/7 should be the same steps. I cannot speak for lower versions of windows.

Right click my computer (or Computer) depending on its name, go into Manage. Click the Disk Management tab and look for a disk with 2794.49 GB (or whatever size external you've got) and you may see it has a blank "Volume" which is where the drive letter is stored. Simply right click the external and select "Change Drive Letter and Paths". From there you should be able to figure it out.

This had me stumped for a little bit. Luckily I remembered another external did this to me and so my issue was resolved very quickly.

Design is quite decent on the external and speeds are extremely fast on USB 3. USB 2 are about the same speeds, though I did notice some more consistency on this speed.

Overall worth the money if you need a lot of space as I do. This will be putting me at 15 TB of storage and this ones already down to 31% free so might be picking up another soon.
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A nightmarish learning experience at the very least...

My comments are strictly about the WD 3TB drive, not the person I purchased it from (who was lightening fast w the delivery! THANK YOU!).
The proprietary software on this WD drive must have some security related features that are fatal to the average user. I put this drive on 2 different computers. BOTH had major problems immediately after adding the WD external drive.
They both had the administrative account profile modified in some way. I was getting a message similar to 'server couldn't execute command' or something like that and I couldn't open ANYTHING. Not 'my computer', any folder, a CD or DVD, a flash drive...I mean NOTHING. I figured out it was my administrative profile by trying to log in as a different user and had access to everything. I ended up disabling the administrative account (the 'hidden' Windows admin account) and re-enabling it. I am still finding things that I have to reapply security settings for admin on but thankfully I didn't lose anything (that I am aware of yet anyways).
I guess I should have known better. The last WD external drive I purchased, within 1 month of purchase, it somehow locked by itself and now I cannot even get it to be recognized. It was a total waste of money and Western Digital has many FAQs related to it from furious buyers like myself but offering no solid way of getting your drive to be unlocked and/or recognized again.
I hope that if I can repeatedly have to deal with corrupt SIDs or profiles, that at least this one won't lock on me.
I am very very disappointed with the decline in quality of WD drives. They used to be my favorite and I recommended them highly. To anyone who buys one of their drives, make certain you have an alternate admin account that you can use to disable and re-enable any account that you back up with.
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Buy Western Digital Products, you will be happy.

I bought this product cause I am a web developer, and became slightly overwhelmed with some files. So, went hunting for memory.

WD are to me the best external hard drive on the market, especially when you work with Apple products. I like this product because it is easy to partition, reformat, great ware and tear - I have had one of my 350GB since 2006 with constant usage! With the prices of memory getting cheaper and cheaper - great time to invest in the bundles that used to be thousands of dollars.Read full review...


Great Drive, Super Price

At a $33.00/TB this is a great drive. The fact that it offers 2.0 and 3.0 USB make the data transfer speed excellent. The background backup software works well, but it does take up enough overhead to be noticable, I prefer to run the back-up in the middle of the night. Overall I prefer the Western Digital drive to all other external drives that I have owned.Read full review...


I learned something in the process and it works.

At first, I did not know what to do when I got this device. I went to My Computer and it did not show up as a drive (unassigned drive letter). I went to Windows, right-clicked on My Computer and clicked Manage, Storage, Disk Management. I selected and then deleted the main section with the 3 tb on it, then ran the simple volume wizard after right-clicking on that 3 tb portion below. I eventually went through the wizard while assigning a drive letter to it and voila!! I can access the drive. It did take a lot of searching online for that answer, but it works for the simple storage I use external drives for.Read full review...


Heavy duty capabilities for heavy duty use.

I bought this product because I needed a reliable source where I could back up my personal files, as well as college assignments. This product comes with some very usable software that can be used for backing up the aforementioned files. This product also is very compatible with the Mac OS X. The main inconvenience to this product is its lack of easy portability. Needing two cables as well as the box is less than ideal. However, as of now, there is no competitor that offers this size of storage without an outside power source.Read full review...


Western Digital, a Superior Hard Drive overall!

My Book external drive is an elegant, high-capacity storage solution for all of your digital life. It features visual, easy-to-use, automatic, continuous backup software and drive lock security protection.
At last, beauty, brains, and simplicity together.
Wow, what a concept!
I have tried the Seagate 3T/B and had some issues with it.
I find the Western Digital to be by far much more user friendly.
It will function with all 2.0 USB and 3.0 USB platform.
Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7.
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Nice fast USB3.0 drive, good value, works with PC and Mac

I own two of these drive. When connected to a USB3.0 port it is very fast.I transferred about 500GB from my hard drive to this drive in about 3-4 hours.
I would highly recommend this drive.
It is made for home desktop use. It is not very portable due to its size and power cord.Read full review...


You wont find a better deal for this amount of storage. Buy it

Got this for the price and the 3tb of storage. I have some more expensive external hard drives that are faster, but they are half the amount of space and twice the price. Only thing I don't like about it is that you cannot go between mac and pc without reformatting or changing the file type that comes with other problems. They say all hard drives are like this, but my old western digital 1tb drive that I got years ago works fine with both mac and pc without reformatting. You can always get an sd card now days and transfer files that way between the two.Read full review...


Awesome. no easier product or ease of sale. Recommend!!!!!

excellent. I am impressed with the speed and ease of use. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs a backup unit and very easy to use. I will definately buy another. I have no complaints or issues with this product. (this is a surprise due to issues and problems with other units tried).Read full review...

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