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Low cost mass storage

The Western Digital WD20EADS 2TB SATA hard drives are a cost effective way to add a massive amount of storage. Their performance is good although there are faster drives on the market. They're designed to be energy efficient and seems to have a good balance between its efficiency and performance.

I highly recommend downloading the free diagnostic software "Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows" from the Western Digital website and running diagnostics (extended test) for each new WD drive BEFORE use. The tool provides the ability to run several different tests including a quick test, extended test (test of each disk sector for bad sectors which takes about 5 hours with the 2TB drive), and write test (destructive write of 0's to each sector). This can take a lot of time to verify the disk is stable and error free but definitely well worth the extra time and peace of mind if you're planning to store valuable information and don't plan to have a replica or copy of your data elsewhere. Formatting one of these drives will also take several hours for a full format; take the time to perform the full format.

I originally installed two of these drives internally in a system running Windows Vista Ultimate x64 as extra storage and configured them as dynamic disks which provided a spanned capacity of 3.32TB. One of the two disks started having errors and every time the system was rebooted Windows would auto run chkdisk and delete files for what it thought (incorrectly) was free space resulting in having to restore data. I would not recommend this configuration - you would be better off configuring these disks as basic disks and using them as individual drives as they seem to be more stable configured as basic disks. The formatted capacity with Windows comes out to be 1862.89GB (1.86TB) per drive.

These are not the best solution for operating system (C:) drives. It's better to have a smaller drive that has a faster access for your operating system and use these for mass storage of large files (such as multimedia files) which is what I was looking for. Primarily I use these to store virtual machines and have had very good performance with them.

Western Digital has a very good limited warranty service, and for this "green" model is 3 years from date of manufacture (not the date of purchase as with most drive manufacturers) and they track them through their Warranty Status Check service. The value of this alone makes purchasing one of these drives worth while which was a major factor in my decision to purchase them.
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Clean and scratchless, just what i needed.

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Best drive I ever bought.

These HDDs are absolutely fabulous for media storage. They are a little slow due to their 5400rpm spindle speed. However, their 32mb buffer makes up for it quite nicely, but not really for the latest OS/booting installations. I don't know who wants to boot from a 2TB HDD anyway. At least not until Microsoft comes up with an OS that will take up even more space.
Anyway, where these drives really shine (and I mean shine!) is in media storage. I have two in a 4TB NAS server. They hold my my entire movie collection including DVDs and bluerays wit plenty of room to spare (for now). Ive been watching movies from them for months now without any glitches.
I did have one problem that was based with the NAS software. I had to troubleshoot it myself because WD's customer support was useless. Their support software, which is free to download, is excellent though. All in all I am very happy with my drives.
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I would buy again.

I have installed the hard drive in a spare DELL computer that had a DVI card built-in. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate and made a multimedia computer out of it. I copied all my movies to it. I bought a DVI to HDMI adapter and have it connected to my network and my 1080 flat screen TV. I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse. This was a really nice buy and made a big difference in my TV and internet experience.Read full review...


it is great hard drive for NAS Thecus N5200pro.

i have replace one hard drive in my NAS with the Western Digital Caviar Green 2 TB,Internal,5400 RPM,3.5" (WD20EADS) Hard Drive. it work great, i did not have any problem with it, thanks


Great storage drive for the money.

I have 10 of these drives in a server and they are great.
I would use them as such not a boot drive. Have yet to have one fail, that's why I had no issue buying used. Great for storing movies etc. No issues with play back. AT 50$ good deal. I just purchased new 3tb for 90$ so don't over pay.Read full review...


Number One for Repository and Archive Use

Having experience directly with virtually every drive ever made I find Western Digital (WD) products to be 1st class.

The 2TB WD20EADS is great for low to medium traffic as network storage or online non OS resident use. They are reliable, quiet, low power consumption, and inexpensive.

For high traffic, desktop or server primary drive (C:) use or for high activity and access to databases other faster WD models are more suitable.
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Western Digital WD20EADS 2TB

Need space to meet all your needs? This baby will do just what you want and more. From Audio/Video authoring to massive internet downloads to 3D content creation. Western Digital hard drives are the best in the world of hard disks and their support is great!Read full review...


Very great, great price, huge storage

It's a great brand, very silent, and a lot of storage for a small price.

I've used WD for years on both clients and personal pc's and this "green" is same quality as others.
Performance was alittle sloppy at first 10-15 boots, but after a few tweaks it works flawlessly.Read full review...


Great bang for the buck

Great investment for large database backups! The reasonable price is a plus as well as it being 5400 rpm saves on wear and heat. Not the fastest hard drive out there but for archiving this unit can't be beatRead full review...

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