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Western Digital Black 2TB Hard Drive Easy To Use and Setup!!!

I Love these Hard Drives by Western Digital Black Series are the best on the market. Weather your a Gamer or a Designer of Three D Graphics like Computer Aided Drawing or a Game Designer. These Hard Drives where made to handle it all.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: tek_atron


Fast Drive!

Loads of space and really fast. Black label quality. What else can you ask for in a drive? WD Black labels rule!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: serveronics


This HDD is working great. Just a little bit noisy.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: sbeckles


Best Hard Drive for your money!!!!

I bought this hard drive for an older iMac that had a failing hard drive. I have used these drives in the past and they work incredibly well! They are more expensive than a normal 2TB drive; however, it is well worth your money! I have used at least ten of these hard drives and only one had to be replaced (and free at that because it was still under warranty). I have used various other hard drives from other manufacturers and only get about 2-3 years worth of use out of them. All of the WD Black drives are still in operation!Read full review...


One of the best and reliable hard drive for home. No problems with this hdd

Excellent hard drive, I have two caviar black and great, fast, reliable, good quality hard drive. Two-terabyte disks are the sweet spot between price and capacity right now and are ideal for media-hungry PC users, either as a system disk or as a data disk alongside a fast boot SSD. The Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB isn’t the cheapest 2TB disk on the market at 6p per GB, but it has a reassuring five-year warranty and did well in our transfer speed tests.Read full review...


2 tb WD drive is one of the better ones available as of September 2012.

I was concerned about the noise factor as I have been using SSD's for a while and I love quiet but powerful computers.

I needed more space as I was filling up the SSD I am using and did some research on HDD's. It seems that this 2 tb Wester Digital Caviar black is one of the best deals and best performers. But there was some concern about noise.

I did some research on how to quiet down hard drives and it seems that if you decouple the hard drive from the case using little thin bungee cords, the drive will become just about silent. If you suspend the drive with bungees, it makes almost no noise at all.
I cannot hear this drive and my computer is as quiet as it was while using just SSD's. I mean whisper quiet. No noise at all.

The Sata III capabilities and the 64mb of cache is icing on the cake. This drive really flies and is one of the better drives I've had a chance to own and use.

I hear that Western Digital is looking into using helium as a gas inside the drives instead of air for even faster speeds and way higher capacities. They won't be out till 2013 but till then, this hard drive is the one to have.

I give it three thumbs up!
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Reliability is job ONE - It costs a lot less than data retreival.

This looked like a "Best Value" in a 2Tb drive. I bought two in the past month. I have been building computers for better than 25 years and have used all brands at one time or another. I usually looked for the best price per byte and sometimes that left me wanting. After years of experience, I can attest to the old saying; It's not IF the hard drive dies, it's WHEN will it die. If you have never had a drive die, you are fortunate indeed.

When I looked at the lower priced drives or refurbished drives at attractive prices, I ask myself this question. If the manufacturer only warrants the drive for 90 days (refurb) or a year or two, they are telling me what the probable life is. If they won't risk repairing it under warranty for any longer than that, why would I want to trust my valuable data to that drive. Even with the best backup system, the immediate data is at risk of drive failure.

This drive costs a bit more, but as a bonus you get 64MB buffer and a significant speed increase due to the enhanced electronics in the drive.
When I look at the ratings on parts, I like to see at least 70% between the 5 star and 4 star ratings combined. Of course, it's human nature to complain more than to compliment, so that's why I use 70% as the criteria. I am not enamored of an particular brand. I rather look for reputation, value and price. The Five year warranty together with the performance sold me.
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Run for at least 3 years almost constantly on. You get what you pay for.

I have gotten in the habit of buying WD Caviar Blacks because it was the first drive I purchased that didn't fail after several years. All my Seagates and Raptors have died or make a lot of noise. I probably have some that are fine, but I haven't done a thorough review of my still working drives and their mfgr date. But the blacks run relatively quiet, don't click like the greens do, and don't have the spin-up delays of greens. I put a lot of movies and apps on these 2TB drives, and I don't want to lose them. Each box I have has only so much room for drives, and I want each to be at least 2TB. It's such a freedom from worry not to have to think about space. I see something I want, I click "Download". I don't hesitate and think: Where should I download this to?Read full review...


1989 to 2012, WD has been the only drive brand that has outlasted them all!

Western Digital HDDs are simply the best built, and longest lasting drives on the market. I can say that ever since I started building computers in 1989, every other HDD I have ever installed or used has died or have gotten corrupted within a span of only 2 years. My Western Digital drives have lasted far past the usual 5 year life span, I even have a few WD drives dated 2001, that still work flawlessly. So to sum this all up, FromRead full review...


Good drive, definitely worth the money.

Works very well, extremely fast and hasn't failed me yet. It also does not get very hot for such a fast drive. It is a bit noisier than I had expected though (the seek actions; not the motor. When there is no seek going on it is silent). It is also very heavy, like it is made of solid aluminum. I suspect it must be stuffed with multiple platters - which is one way to get to 2TB I guess.Read full review...

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