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super OK


Works great for BF4

Very fast, no complaints



Thanks for the deall. A greattt hard drive.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: charclemens3232


Only thing cheap is the price.

First, these are typically server drives. That means they get turned on one day and swapped out 3 years later, often before the warranty expires. My drive, while out of warranty, performs just as well as a new drive, The use it saw could be equated to highway miles on a car. Yes, there is wear, but not like that of a system that is turned on and off every day. I expect to get several years of good use out of this drive. I have a couple of older systems that I built for friends that have drives that are now over 10 years old and still running fine. Sure, new technology is faster, but not really noticeable in most basic operations. The Western Digital Black is a fast drive that is still being sold new, so the technology is still current at this time.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: pc911pc



Shipped quick.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: antneva79


This WD Caviar line of Drives is the very best you can buy.

Western Digital makes the best hard drives on the market!
I have been using this hard drive for a month with no problems! It has sped up execution of both programs and operations. I can rely on it lasting as my main "C" drive. I have a total of 7 Western digital hard drives with absolutely no problems!Read full review...


Western digital is the way to go for a Hard drive.

These are the best hard drives on the market

if you need dependable drives for your pc or server these are by far the ideal ones to buy.

i used to use another brand M a X ??? but they wouldnt honor their warranty so i went with western digital and they have never let me down,i have some that are ten years old and still work great, one has been formatted at least 34 times that i know of, still works very well.Read full review...


The new drive failed in just a couple months with a SMART event.

I bought three of these drives. The first one was new in the box. I installed it to replace an aging backup drive that doesn't have any issues, but it is old. The install when well and it started handling the backup data on my PC which runs once a day. I then noticed that the backup had reverted back to the old backup drive. I then changed it back to the new drive and in a little while my computer crashed and was stuck in POST. When I cold booted it I saw the new drive had a SMART event. This failure was to the extent that the PC would no longer function with the drive attached to the system board. I took another one of the same model drive I purchased and installed it. It tested fine and handled the initial full backup fine and is doing well so far, but only time will tell and it has only been a week on the latest one. I will not be using this model to swap out my OS drives.Read full review...


Best Hard Drive for your money!!!!

I have always recommended these hard drives to anybody who wants a fast and reliable hard drive. They all come with a 5 year warranty (which is the longest warranty anybody offers), which is incredible! I have had countless WD Black Hard Drives and they have all been great.Read full review...


Still Going Strong!!!!!!

Been running these Hard Drives now for over 30 days and their still going strong witch is of no surprise to me considering that Western Digital Hard Drives are rated #1 over all other Hard Drives. They've also been on every day and night with out fail or bumps.Read full review...

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