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Fun and frustrating

Bought it for myself, as the game is fun it does get frustrating trying to figure just were to go in the game level to collect treasure. But other than that it is fun to shake an item as hard as you can to get all the coins out of.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: cwjoes-011-2

by Top critical review

Horrible Value

Unbelievable... My son was really excited ripped open the package and put the disc in wouldn’t read. Can’t even return it cause returns are not accepted.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: mike1231


Very funny

Ginny for play

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: divineoranges


very pleased works great

game works great would have posted earlier but because of medical problems i was not able to
im very pleased with the game

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: valleys_books_a...


Love it

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: carlosg2295


Wario Land: Shake It! (Wii)

And here you thought only Mario video games could be fun. Well, this game will surely change your mind on that.
Wario Land: Shake It!, a classic side-scroller for the Wii console stars Wario, the smelly, bad-mannered alter ego of Mario. Players shake the Wii Remote to help Wario take down his enemies, empty bags of treasure or cause earthquakes. Best of all, there are numerous stages each offering multiple missions to keep players coming back again and again to unlock everything, collect more coins or just improve their best times. It has lots of humor in it, mainly because Wario has become a very comical character in the last few years. It's even got replay value! With multiple objectives for each level, you can go back and replay the levels to try to complete them all. This game is a must have if you enjoy funny, friendly, and just all around great games. Wario Land: Shake It! is a game just about anyone can enjoy!Read full review...


Fun game

I enjoy this game,it's very challenging ,great graphics .

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: bidnsave


For Under 10$ A Fun Entry In the Wario-Land Series!

Wario Land Shake-It! Invites the user to use the Wii-Controller to "Shake" the enemies making them drop bundles of in game gold for Wario to collect. 1-Player, No Nunchuck Needed

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Wario land shake it is a great game that can be enjoyed by both casual and hardcore gamers.It can be enjoyed by gamers of different skill abilities because you can easily run throught the levels and beat the game or you can go back and complete ifferent goals on the levels which is quite challenging.The game can beat in about 5 hours but if you complete the goals for each level the play time is nearly doubled.I would say that this game has good replay value because of the goa;s on each level but even if you just fly through the game you could still find yourself poping the disc in your wii a month or two later because of it's fun mario bros. style gameplay.This game does not use graphc pixels but instead hand drawn graphics which look great,it's like playing a cartoon.The sound effects and music for this game both sound good.Over all wario land shake it is a great game i give it an 8.5 out of ten.Read full review...


Family fun

My family loves this game. It's for only 1 player but we take turns. My 9 yr old son & I probably like it the most. Shaking and moving the controller around is the most fun thing about the Wii & I think this game utilized that technology in a really fun way. The stages of this game can be played over again if so desired & we do. There are different challenge goals for each stage, starts off with 3 & adds more if you complete them. Which allows play of the same stage multiple times with different goals. I think Wario is hilarious & I love it all throughout this game. I bought the Wii because I feel it is the most family friendly gaming system & this game is right in line with that.Read full review...

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