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A Moving Story on Four Legs

All I need to say is...Spielberg! He has a special talent with war movies. Rich characters, albeit short-lived ones. The horrors associated with war, the lack of care towards's WW1 and priorities were obviously all over the map. a sad and moving movie about a boy and his horse during extreme and dire moment in history.Read full review...

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Great Movie

This is a great film, the only problem with the BluRay/DVD/digital copy version is the digital copy is for I-tunes only. In other words it's worthless to Ultra Violet collectors. So when buying this version beware the digital copy is ONLY FOR I-TUNES ......Read full review...

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The Movie War Horse portrays how the horses, mules and donkeys that served in WWI suffered during their short lives. Millions died by rifle fire, machine gun fire, artillery fire, disease, starvation, exhaustion, and being gassed. It is estimated that 7,500,000 horses served in the war on both sides. What a sad story.Read full review...

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Great Film

Loved everything about this movie. Loved the story, loved the characters. The dynamic between the horse and the young man was terrific. Highly recommended.

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a movie to watch over and over

bring your tissue you will cry and sit on the edge of your seat one of the best movies out there

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horse lovers

engaging, excellent cinematography, if your a horse lover, keep a tissue handy

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Unbeleivable !

Beautifly packaged, several formats, wonderful bargain for that price,

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Great find

Love this movie

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Excellent movie, go see or buy it....

I missed this one in the theater but after reading several reviews about it, decided to add it to my collection. In short, I loved this movie. Watched it 3 times already and still enjoy it immensly. I confess to being sentimental for horse movies, such as Secretariat, but this one is an equal to or even better than that one in some ways.

Delivery was on time, packaging was fine, and the price was the best at the time. Added it to my favorite movie list of DVD's that almost number 500 right now, and I only buy movies that hit that special note of my movie interests. I never understand why the Oscar Academy seems always to pick movie's I rarely care for to give the Oscar to, but they missed big time on this one, in my view.

I'm sure there are many reviews that give the story line, so I won't repeat that here, but it is beautifully scenic, well acted, the horses are magnificently portrayed, and it has my kind of ending. I certainly am no movie critic, but I know what I like. War Horse is excellent!
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It was okay. A bit long winded. Not Spielberg's best work but entertaining

It was okay. It doesn't pack the same punch that most horse movies do. They could have chopped about 30 minutes out of this film, and I don't think it would have hurt the story one bit.

It reminded me of the French film "A Very Long Engagement" replacing the lovers with a boy and his horse. A few teary moments for me, over all entertaining, but not stellar.

Also it didn't have a film quality to it... like it was shot on digital. Does anyone know?

Dialect cross over. Everyone in the film whether they were British, French or German, all have the same British accent. It was confusing. Anyway.

Sure it's not perfect film making, but it's entertainment none the less.

Blessings, Max Rainet.

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