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Great Movie

I saw this movie a long time ago and loved it, so wanted my own copy.

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Good Story

Good story and prompt shipment.

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Heartwarming story

This is one of those movies you will want to watch again and again.

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"One of the best movies"

all was good,

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Spielberg always good

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A little disappointed.

I expected this movie to move better and keep my interest. Frankly, I fell asleep both times I attempted to watch it. My adult adult daughter had an entirely different experience. She loved it.

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It was okay. A bit long winded. Not Spielberg's best work but entertaining

It was okay. It doesn't pack the same punch that most horse movies do. They could have chopped about 30 minutes out of this film, and I don't think it would have hurt the story one bit.

It reminded me of the French film "A Very Long Engagement" replacing the lovers with a boy and his horse. A few teary moments for me, over all entertaining, but not stellar.

Also it didn't have a film quality to it... like it was shot on digital. Does anyone know?

Dialect cross over. Everyone in the film whether they were British, French or German, all have the same British accent. It was confusing. Anyway.

Sure it's not perfect film making, but it's entertainment none the less.

Blessings, Max Rainet.

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Great movie

Has great story without corrupting the movie with language or sex. Good movie for children too

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You might say: Black Beauty Meets Private Ryan!

Stephen Spielberg has created a memorable film from the stage play WAR HORSE. The is the story of Joey, the war horse, the young man who raised him, and the people and events they encounter in peace and war as they try to find their way home. Yes, there is violence, but not as intense as Private Ryan so as to make the film suitable for all viewers. Other than Emily Watson and David Thewlis, the other cast members are less well known, but give creditable performances keeping the focus on the storyline. What stands out brilliantly is the cinematography of Janusz Kaminski from the lush, green English countrysides to drab, gray battlefields of World War I. Some may find it slow at points, but this is essential for character development. But Spielberg is a deft craftsman, leading you subtlely to the satisfying conclusion we all wanted. Beautiful Blu-ray picture and sound. A must for all movie lovers!Read full review...


One of the best movies of 2011, great film about friendship against all odd

Possibly one of the best movies of 2011, though, in my opinion, not acknowledged as such. Perhaps the animal-centered plot has given the impression that is it more of a "kids" movie, but I assure you that all ages will find it a rewarding adventure boosting action adventure, character appeal, and perhaps even a deeper moral lesson on the ability of innocence and humanity to conquer even the battle-lines of war.

Beautifully filmed with many tender, and well-thought out frames, this movie is enjoyable from start to finish. Sadly, movies like this seem to be a rarity in the more pop-culture and special-effects, drama-sex-unnecessary violence ridden films that grace the screens today.

I ordered this product because I was just amazed with the film, and I wanted to be able to experience the story again and again in my own home. Great quality product, no scratches or skips.
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