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Wrestlemania review

Love this dvd

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Its Rare to see an entire PPV wrapped around 1 match that is what Hogan and The Rock did to WrestleMania X8 in the Asterdome in Toronto

This show started off with Saliva performing Superstar which was just epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then we get right to the first match

The Intercontinental Championship ***

The European Championship *1/2

The Hardcore Championship *
but throughout the night contenders like crash holly/al snow/Spike Dudley/the hurricane/maven/christian/and even molly holly competed for the title backstage

Drowning Pool performs Tear Away the WrestleMania X8 them which was nice but no crowd participation

Kane VS Kurt Angle ***
not bad the show starts to pick up

Flair VS Undertaker ***1/2
Flair lost a lot of blood in this match just a huge brawl but i dont blame flair for wanting to fight

Edge VS Booker T ***
the show is picking up real nice

Stone Cold VS Scott Hall ***1/2
Scott Hall and The Rock were the only guys who could really sell the stunner it was Perfect!

The Tag Team Turmoil Tag Team Championship ****
Stacy looked hot!!!!!!!!!!! The dudleyz got a new song Four great Tag Teams and some comedy in the middle of it all

Finally THE HYPE Is All OVER
Icon VS Icon
The Rock VS Hulk Hogan part 1
The Rock the star of The New Generation Era
Hulk Hogan the star of the golden Years era
The torch being passed down to the rock
The Rock VS Hulk Hogan ***** Just Perfect
Everyone has seen this match if you have not seen this match its a MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Triple Threat Womens Championship ****1/2
Great Women wrestling for the womens title

The new indoor attendance record with 68,237 people

even though the crowd was burnt out and some were even Leaving

The WWF Undisputed Championship ****

Besides the PPV Event itself the DVD is also loaded with a Ton!!! of special features and extras and match interviewa
This was a great PPV event the WWF put on and the DVD is very cheap you can get this for 25 to 30 dollars so if you wanna relieve some good old WWF action right before it got changed to the WWE and without selling an arm and a leg this DVD is for You soo go buy it
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WWF WrestleMania X8 (2002, DVD)

WWF WrestleMania X8 is a 2-disc DVD set which includes the 4 hour event in it's entirety with 3 hours of bonus material.

The event itself features the iconic Hogan vs Rock bout, Ric Flair vs Undertaker in a No-Disqualification match, Scott Hall vs Steve Austin, and the main event Triple H vs Chris Jericho for the WWF Undisputed Championship. Hogan/Rock and Flair/Taker are worth the price of the set alone. Also, the fact that this DVD is a pre-WWE print makes this set even more worth it since there is no censorship of the WWF logo and name. This event also is the last WrestleMania held under the WWF name and is currently the last WrestleMania where the Intercontinental, Hardcore, and European championships were defended. So if you're a true wrestling fan, this set is a must have because of its historical significance.

Bonus material include Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior from WrestleMania 6, the aftermath of WrestleMania X8 on RAW the following night, and the build up to Hogan/Rock on RAW. Other bonus materials are superstar interviews, countdowns, and the making of the WWF superstars statue molds from WWF Fan Axxess 2002.
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The Last and Greatest Wrestlemania of the Attitude Era

So glad when I found this for under $20, but I could certainly see why. I've been a HUGE pro-wrestling fan since I was a small child and it is a passion that has never left me. Though the matches aren't high in quality or substance as they used to be, obtaining WM 18, the last great wrestlemania of my generation, I can always cherish the memories.Read full review...


Wrestlemania X8

Wrestlemania X8 in Toronto is a good show.
I only bought it to see The Rock vs. Hogan match,
but was amazed by some other matches.
Austin vs. Hall is not perfect but it is good.
The four corners tag team elimination has some good action.
The Main Event is some what so-so. The ending is predictable
but I can say it has some technical wrestling.
In all it is a 7/10 in my opinion.
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propably not the best wrestlemania but still good

hogan vs rock WITHOUT BLURS and triple hhh vs chris jericho it was a stacked card event but alot of short matches i think it was good though by the end i was like that was a long event great special features of interviews and the next night on raw not the best ppv of 2002 but still pretty good ,great dvd for wresltling dvd collectorsRead full review...


Hard to find, awsome

It was one of the best dvds that my boyfriend was looking for to add to his collection of WWF dvd's because he and I are wrestling fancatics. He has been watching since we were kids so I wanted to surprise him and add to his collection on a hard to find dvd.Read full review...


Icon vs. Icon

a good wrestlemania, rock hogan is electric, and the whole night is overall entertaining, with several good musical performances


Icon vs Washup

WWE, WWF either way, Wrestlemania is always a good show.The Rock the most "Mouth Runnin" Smack-Talker you'll ever see VS Hollywood "Wasn't For Him" Hogan. The NWO Was a great concept, But like the NWO Hogan should have been "shelved" Just like WCW. Can't wait to see it.Read full review...



Wrestlemania 18,makes my collection more complete,I started with wrestlemania 20,6 years ago i think,since then i been getting every years wrestlemania.
There is no bigger collection for me.

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