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Much better T.V's out there for the price.

Too start off, this T.V looks cheaply made. It has one button on the T.V for the volume etc.. It's the power button. You click it once, and then all the normal controls come up on the screen and you rotate the knob to select options. They really cheaped out on that, and it looks like crap. The stand doesn't rotate, which sucks because you have to move the stand with the T.V.

People say the volume is great on this T.V. IT IS NOT! It's horrible, and I heard this to be the case with all Vizio's talking to people. I have to have it on "15" during the day, and about "8" at night. I had an LG, that I swapped for this do to some issue's during shipping, and I didn't turn the volume above "8" during the day; anymore and it was really loud. At night, I could turn it down to "1" and it would still be loud.

To add to the volume. If you are going to buy this, just realize that if you watch movies, you will need to buy surround sound(Probably why Vizio sells surround sound:/). That's how bad the volume is. My LG was amazing when watching war movies. It would literally "rumble" when a bomb was going off etc.. On this T.V it's not even comparable.

I don't know why, but when playing 1080p games the T.V automatically turns them down to 720p? It really bugs me, and I haven't figured out how to turn it back.

The WiFi is kind of a joke. It's only use full for the apps that are on it. You can't "search" the internet or anything like that. I've heard that it take's a lot of time to download a movie to.

I will admit that that the picture is nice. I haven't "tuned" it, and stock it looks pretty good. That's one thing I am happy with.

All in all, if you want a nice appearance looking T.V with the same picture quality there are better options out there for around the same price. That, and there name brands. Vizio has been getting good reps lately, but IMO there still not there yet. If they didn't cheap out on the frame, stand, and volume on the T.V I would recommend it, but until then.....

I wouldn't recommend it for movies do to the sound. Unless you wanna buy a $250-300 surround sound system.
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Worst purchase I've ever made and the seller's are liars.

I received the Television. There are some big problems. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was that the television had some sort of sticky substance all over the screen. It looks like someone splashed some soda on the screen or something. There are scratches across the entire panel surrounding the TV screen and also on the base. Then I tried putting the television on the stand, but it's missing the screws that hold the television in place securely. As I started reading the manual for the television, I noticed the TV Manual is for a different television. I went online to find a manual for this television. After turning on the TV for the first time, the menu came up asking for me to setup the television. The font started shaking(Wiggling) across the screen. Then the colors started changing. The screen looked like a streaking rainbow of different colors. I turned off the television and tried using it again. Then I noticed that the remote for the television does not work. I thought it was the batteries that came with it, so I bought some new batteries. The remote still does not work. The remote also has a lot of scratches and looks like there is dry food crusted on most of the buttons. This is not the product that was advertised and none of these issues were in the description. I specifically asked if there were any scratches or problems with the TV before I bought it. They told me that it was in NEW/OTHER condition, no scratches, and that it was only used on the store floor as a model TV for a little amount of time. This is obviously a lie. It looks like the television has been used and abused. I feel mislead and lied to.Read full review...


The quality/rating of the Vizio XVT423SV 42" 1080p HD LED is above reproach

Great TV, phenomenal picture and the 240 hz provides a clear smooth pictures for fast screen shots and gaming

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