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Averaged priced, average t.v. Highly recommend for price.

Great t.v. Medium picture quality. but that's you should expect with a medium prized t.v. Vizios have always been pretty simple to use. So if you need a spare t.v, lets say in the guest room for older relatives, this t.v is simple, easy to use, and great for its price. The size is average as well, maybe even a gamer t.v. I would however say that for a 26" you should maybe put the extra bucks for a higher quality t.v. One last thing, this Vizio will last you foreverRead full review...


good item

1. Vivid and very clear picture, especially with native 1080P content. The Smart Dimming (active LED zone dimming) feature does make a subtle improvement to the picture, so I recommend leaving it on.<br>2. Smart TV dock with common applications such as Amazon Instant Video, NetFlix, Hulu Plus, and more. Also may be customized.
3. WiFi and Ethernet connectivity. Ethernet is the preferred way since WiFi can be unreliable.
4. Nearly borderless.
5. 3 HDMI connections and a whole host of analog connections. Digital audio out (optical).
6. 120 Hz. I have not noticed significant judder.
7. Almost effortless picture tweaking by selecting "Calibrated" mode. This produces the best and most natural picture for a well-lit room without over-blowing the colors.
8. Blacks are very deep, and much better than my older 42" CCFL backlit Vizio TV.
9. Remote is very nice and feels sturdy. Buttons are on the small side, however.
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Great Experience..

Good LCD Television,. High Quality picture. Crystal clear sounds and picture . features are easy to handle. no problem at all . i with my all family member enjoy it.Definitely recommend to others for buying this LCD TV.Read full review...


Very good product !!!

This is a very nice TV for the price.
Overall, the picture quality is perfect, with most features you find on alot higher priced TV'S.
The Vizio name is well respected and continues to offer more and more great products.
The smaller size makes it great for using in kids rooms.
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Great Quality & Features. Bad Viewing Angle. Overall Good Product!!! LCD

I bought this TV for a replacement of an older tube TV, for use in one of my bedrooms. It was truly a nice product. I really liked the fact that it had more than 1 HDMI port. Although, since the factory installed speakers were lacking in sound quality, I was disappointed in the fact that the only "Audio Out" port was a headphone jack. So I guess I had to suffer. Oh well, still not a bad TV for the price. Also, this TV is really picky at what angle you are viewing it at. View it from too high or too low from the TV, and the picture becomes quite dark. But horizontal viewing angles are not so much a problem as vertically. I also dislike the power light being in the Vizio logo, but once again, for such a low price, this is something i can live with. But it still is annoying from time to time. Watching HD content is pretty great on this set. Overall, I would suggest anyone looking for a low-priced, feature-packed TV for a smaller room, to BUY THIS TV!Read full review...


Great TV for the price. Has its share of shortcomings.

I love the TV for the value. Aesthetically it's pleasing and not too bulky for being a standard LCD, which is thicker than the new LED-LCD models. Weight is fair, the stand is sturdy and supports it well. Remote control is full featured without being unreasonably confusing or over-sized. For less than $190 refurbished I have yet to see a better unit in this size category.

My only complaint is the poor viewing angle. I've had the 22" model of the same series and it had an excellent viewing angle. This 26" unit doesn't do well at all in that respect. The darks look very dark when you're not lined up well enough. Vertical is the worst culprit. I have it about 1' above my head and at 4 feet away I can barely see the screen with most types of video.

Features that come standard should be more than enough to satisfy buyers in the market for a low-priced TV in the category. It has 2 HDMI, optical TOSLink audio out, VGA, and RCA inputs. The tuner is also preferable to the LG models I've owned. The Vizio TV puts HD channels in numerical order with all other channels. Other brands of TV organize the channels by grouping the HD ones numerically and then starting over with standard channels, which I find annoying.

Overall, I feel most people will be more than satisfied with all this Vizio has to offer. I sure am.
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Well worth the money, a great value TV.

This TV is a great buy for the overall price. Eventhough it is quite cheap to buy, the picture quality is brilliant, even on a standard antenna. I found it easy to set up and install in an hour or so. Glad to say this is a great TV and I am happy to recommend it to anyone.Read full review...


not bad for the price

Has all the connection to use as a monitor for pc or tablet. Big enough for a bedroom tv with a decent picture. This tv require a quality input signal such as hd and blue ray to really bring out its best. Only have a refurb or used model a week and half and it seems to work well but time will tell. Connections are placed in an odd position which makes hook ups harder than normal. Overall not a bad tv.Read full review...


Bedroom TV with limitations

I purchased this set as a bedroom TV to replace an old 25" tube set. We have had a 37" Visio in our family room for about 3 years and have been very happy with it. In our bedroom, we do not have an HD cable converter, so we watch the 26" model in standard definition. This refurbished TV had no visible flaws, although it came without a user manual. I quickly found an online version of the manual, so that was no problem. In general, the TV works well, has a variety of connections, decent sound for a small LCD TV and an efficient remote control.

I've had a problem with the viewing angle. We use a wall mounted stand that is about 18" - 24" above where we are sitting while watching. The images are quite dark from this angle, so I attempted to use the menu to adjust the brightness -- only to find there is no brightness adjustment. Pretty frustrating as I've never owned a TV without a brightness adjustment. There is an ambient light setting that toggles on or off, but otherwise no way to adjust brightness. Some programs are greatly impacted by the inability to adjust brightness -- others not so much.

The model I received is slightly different than what the online manual indicates in two ways -- first, the lack of a brightness adjustment as described above, even though the manual is specifically for the same model number. Second, my TV has a USB port that appears as a "photo" input on the menu. I was pleased to see this video input, as we take many photos and thought this might be a good way to view them. Strangely, the remote control does not access the features on the photo input. I spoke with two different Vizio tech support reps, both of whom seemed puzzled by my problem. Neither could help me. Again, the online manual describes a different TV than what I received. I can only surmise that Vizio slightly changed this model in 2010 but did not change the user manual. I find it troubling that even their tech support folks have no idea of this and could not help, nor did their online manual provide any guidance about this feature.
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Vizio Product & Service Quality

Vizio has a great picture and the resolution is very good on most programs especially HD. The most impressive part of owning this brand is the after purchase from the maker. I needed to call a couple of times just to get instructions on how to better utilize my Direct TV and Netflix. The service people are really knowledgeable and will take time to walk you through any problem.Read full review...

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