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Excellent TV, excellent value for the price

I love this TV, I replace a 55" lcd hdtv sharp aqua whit this one. I'm very satisfy, I also have the same tv in a smaller size, it also deliver an excellent picture quality. the internet apps are very fun to use, and you can view hd movies directly from the tv. very nice purchase and this tv has to be the best option to go (price-value)
it is a very nice looking tv too.
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Must Buy - 5 star!

Vizio has grown with these new generation LED/LCD internet TV's to move to the top, along-side Samsung, Sony, and LG. I was looking for value with benefits, and could not be more pleased with my Vizio purchase. Don't be fooled into paying more for a TV with a 240Hz refresh rate unless you are a heavy gamer on the TV, as 120Hz is all you need for smooth HDTV viewing. The picture quality of this TV is among the best for 1080p. Again, don't be fooled into paying more for HDTV's with 1080p, as most programming is broadcast in 1080i, and if you are purchasing a HDTV 42 inches or smaller, don't spend the extra money for 1080p, as the naked eye can not see the difference versus 720p on a smaller screen. I like the style of this TV - with the side mounted speakers - because personally I am not a bottom sound-bar fan. In my expert opinion, this 55" HDTV rates among the best in the LED/LCD category.Read full review...


great picture, sound & quality

The quality of the picture is excellent , the sound is great. Overall in my opinion it is a well made tv.

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