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I love it!

I love this TV. It practically was brand new! It works great!


Fair TV for the price, small screen, small sound, may be a good bedroom TV

I bought the TV because we needed an extra bedroom set.
Television is advertised as a "1080i" set. In nearly all situations, when used as a TV, it is only 720p resolution, NOT full HD, if the broadcast signal is "1080i compatible", you will get an interlaced 1920 X 1080 HD picture, which is pretty good on a smaller screen. If used as a PC Monitor, it is 1920 X 1080.
The TV shows a good picture while using an HD Antenna, however when the signal is weaker, the pixelation will get bad, the backgrounds get choppy and image blocks appear, which is normal for digital TV.
The HD DISH (vp211z) boxes I have do not play well with this TV, Standard def 480i/480p is horrible on this set. And for some reason, the 720p stations do not seem to upscale very well, so you get a smaller picture and have to manually adjust the zoom / wide options, which will cut off some of the picture, most of the time.
Over all - it is a small TV, it has 5+ year old technology and is low priced. Most of these were sent back for refurb, and are available as refurbished sets. This one was not a refurb.
If I was to do this over again, I would have gotten the 22" model Vizo produced, it is full HD (1080p) and those few inches larger really make a difference.
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A very good TV for the Money that is easy to use and setup.

Has very good picture and color quality. The HD is tipical HD, the closer you get the beter the HD is, same as any Big Screen HD flate Screen. Features are somewhat limited as dure to size, but you can't expect quite as mush on such a small TV. OVer all, and if you hook it up to an exterior Audio system, this is a great size TV for a Camper Trailor bedroom or a small grade school age child.Read full review...


Vizio TV purchase

I bought this TV for my daughter for Christmas. Due to problems beyond the shippers control, the original 19 inch TV was unavailable. However, the seller made me a fantastic deal on a 22 inch VIZIO, same model. I really like the TV and the picture and sound quality are great. The remote control is not as good as I would like as you have to stand about 3 inches from the TV for it to work. This was easily fixed using my universal remote so no loss there. This is a great little tv for a kids bedroom. It is light, but has a pretty sturdy stand so unless your kid is going to be running the walls, you should be ok with it.Read full review...


The Vizio M190VA is an unbeateable Value!

I purchased the Vizio M190VA as a TV for my den. I needed a relatively small size so as to place the set near my computer. My initial attraction was the low price. I was pleased to receive a very attractive set with plenty of connection options including computer an USB support. The picture quality is excellent with ample adjustment options. The image quality is maintained through a wide viewing angle making this set a good choice for locations where the viewer will not be directly in front of the set. My only complaint is marginal sound quality which, I suppose, should be expected from the small speakers at the front of the set. The sound is acceptable, but marginal quality. However, as I mentioned, there are ample connections, so I just connected a pair of stereo computer speakers to the earphone jack. This set is suitable for any applications where a small set is needed with the realization that if sound quality is an important issue, then the buyer should plan for additional speaker options. You can't beat this set for value. I have had it for over a month with no issues. I would definitely buy it again and highly recommend it to my friends.Read full review...


Great Picture for Size and Price Range

This is a great hdtv for the low $100 price range with sound and picture that cannot be matched on a dollar for quality amount in this size range.

The only bad thing about the tv is it's awkward menu screen for updating channel titles and adding channels to favorites, these become hassles.

However excellent for the price for quality and size and I would highly recommend as a monitor for your computer or as a television set that will not be the primary viewing screen of the residence, unless you are in a dorm room which is where mine is.
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Good TV for a small room.

I bought this TV because of the low price, as it was a refurbished one and I was on a budget, plus it looked good for my kitchen.
I was really afraid about the sound, from the bad reviews I read, but it is pretty good and loud; it is even louder that my other living room TV that I really like (32" LCD Panasonic) and I can hear it even while cooking.
The image is very clear, but the colors are a little on the bluish/greenish side, not warm enough, even after adjusting all the settings.
When I use the remote, sometimes it just turns off the TV, no matter what I push, and I have to turn it back on.
Maybe these problems are because it's a refurbished set, but all in all it is a pretty good TV for a small room like a bedroom or kitchen.
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Perfect TV

I like the Vizio brand since i own a Vizio 47" LCD TV, so when I began shopping for a smaller "office size" TV, I looked soley at sellers with the Vizio brand. I won an auction for a 19" Vizio Razor LED LCD HD TV, and I am amazed with the picture quality even with just using a standard cable box, and can't wait to get it hooked up to an HD box. The features are easy to navigate, and it has every input you could possibly desire, including the ability to use it as a computer moniter. It is very thin and stylish, and is perfect for what I wanted it for, and would make a great addition to any office, dorm, bathroom, or kitchen. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the sound, although I think this is only personal issue and others may think I am wrong, but the "trusurround" sound to seems to be a bit "hollow". I think the sound should have more bass to it, and even with boosting the bass all the way, it just didn't sound right to me. After making some adjustments to the equalizer and other settings, I did find a sound that was satisfying to me. All in all this really is a wonderful TV.Read full review...


Vizio 19" TV

Great little TV! The picture is excellent, but the speakers, like on all small TV's, are tinny sounding. They have plenty of volume, but no sound quality. I hooked up a pair of Creative Lab computer speakers through the earphone plug, and now have great sound!! Great buy on e-bay (refurbished) and got a warranty through Square Trade. Great deal!!

Lexington, NC
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Great TV

I recently purchased this TV for my office and I must admit I love it. If you are looking for a TV for a small area such an office, kitchen, kids room, etc, this is a great TV. I love the picture and all the easy features. This is the first time that I have purchased a Vizio and must admit, I am impressed.Read full review...

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