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Decent TV set if it was purchased New.

This Particular TV set was purchase used.Everything work just fine, except for the remote control. The remote control does not seems to turn off or on the TV set, change the TV format from wide to normal or stretch,change volume up or down, etc.The TV set arrive to my house well pack to protect the screen from getting damage,But this is what you trade off for buying a used TV set.The TV arrive with one corner damage on the vessel or frame, o couple of scratches on the piano black frame, no big deal I can live with this minor things. The quality of screen is amazing, the 3D or 2D feature I have not tried yet,so I can not commend on that.Next time I"ll buy a new TV to avoid problems. Recommend to buy a Vizio sound bar, seems TV set sound is very poor.You will notice a difference ones the sound bar is installed, cut out the right corner of plastic grill by the led lights in the sound bar to improve remote control response and distance.Overall good TV.Read full review...


Great TV, Great Value. worth the purchase

Wonderful TV. I have this model and its 32 inch little brother. Both are wonderful TV's but the updates that they pushed for both models makes them lag for up to two minutes without any response.It is very annoying but you cant beat such an affordable 3d tv. plus its nice that the RealD 3d movie glasses work for the tv. . . and actually work better than what visio offers lol. Other than the long hiccup when it "Decides to search for devices," its{both} awesome to own.Read full review...



The best part about this deal isn't just the ability but, desire to write a review about a really good deal. I'm 44 and not really a big fan of tv. Always had a tv around but never went out and bought a new one. Just hand-me-down fixerupers that worked great. When I look at the picture on this tv I get fixated on how much it looks like I'm standing right in front of the actors. It's like you're behind the camera. I shopped around stores for a year comparing image quality and didn't even see this clarity at the stores. Straight antenna input!!! The Wifi thing is just a cherry on top! Apps! Hello! Go get one of these. I don't see how you could go wrong unless you like to spend more money. Damn good tv bang for your buck!!! No regrets here.Read full review...


Can't beat it...

First off... I got an incredible deal on this wonderful piece of machinery. The picture quality is outstanding with a more than sufficient sizable screen standing at 47". The largeness of the screen only emphasizes its 1080p High Definition features with its crisp edges and resilient color enhancement. I immediately took advantage of its 3D capabilities which for me was simply a plus and was not its intended purpose of purchasing. The 3D feature was fun as the images appear to come out of the screen. Now its certainly nothing like sitting in an IMAX theater, but it is still quite enjoyable. Its wifi connectivity is also a nice feature and I was quick to take part in the Hulu Plus app. Now, there is always something to watch for a very affordable monthly rate. The only suggested feature I would add, would be a browser to go along with the wifi capabilities.

Overall, I rate this product 5 stars!!!
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Great TV

I was skeptical about buying this TV, didn't know whether to get a plasma, 3D, HDTV, etc..etc.., Well, i'm very pleased with this TV. It's just like being there in person. So glad i purchased this TV.I did have a problem figuring out how to use the controls and the TV to start with, but after a couple of days, it's a cinch. It is internet ready, which is a plus, and i can view You Tube, get my netflix "ready to watch" movies,and so much more, and again, it's is so real.Read full review...


VIZIO E3D470VX get it if U want to spoil yourself watching 3D stuff!!! :-)

VIZIO E3D470VX has the smart apps, a query keyboard remote control and 4HDMI inputs. It uses passive 3D and the polarized glasses are very stylish.

This TV is future ready with built in WIFI, no buyer's remorse

This may be a large TV but once you are you are using it, you may feel like you should have gone with larger version. Other then that, the TV does freeze up in between apps, but that is excepted for a smart TV's. BTW No YOUTUBE app yet.
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A nice large screen tv. Good picture (LCD,HD,3D and internet ready. It's easy to operate even for me. I saved about $800.00
if it was purchased new from a retail store. Great buy



For value buy this! For a better 3d, pay double the $ and buy activeshutter

For the price, I Love this TV. The picture quality is fantastic in 2d mode. The 3d mode gives the screen incredible depth and clarity, but the picture does not "jump out at you". Rather than see things coming out of the screen, the 3d feature makes the screen look as if it is really really deep. It is more like looking into an aquarium.... This a great TV for the price, but the 3d experiance is much better on tvs with the active shutter technology... A comparably sized tv with these features, and active shutter 3d, will easily cost double.Read full review...


Best tv upgrade decision ever.

Couldn't be happier with this purchase. It was sold as refurbished, so I expected some scratches on the tv, but the only scuffs were on the stand. Plug and play with the 3d features as well. My PS3 recognized it immediately, and all my movies look amazing.Read full review...


wonderful great awsome..

all i can say is this tv is awsome. we love it,the picture is so great its just like the people are in the room we us.we r now useing the internet on it me and my lady friend just about fight over who gets to use it first. thanks so much john vaughn.Read full review...

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