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Great picture - combine with small speaker system for a winner!

Great set for the price. This TV has a very good picture (great black contrast)but mine is HDTV from DirecTV, so yours may not be as sharp. It is very easy to install on the wall as the weight is less than I anticipated, and angle viewing is good.

The only shortcoming - as with all LCD TV's, is the audio. It has great capabilities, but the speakers sound like listening to an old clock radio. The solution - connect it to a small but good set of amplified PC speakers - mine are Klipsch ProMedia 2.1. I promise you that these two combined will produce a low cost home theater experience for any bedroom, etc. I am a home theater nut, so it wouldn't do as my primary entertainment source, but for ancillary rooms - it is a winner!!
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overall opinion of this tv

this is a good tv but not a great tv...one point to consider is the output for home theater systems,this tv has an "spdif" out only!!!,had to buy a $58.00 adapter to get my new system to work with this tv,picture quality is o.k.,sound quality is o.k. but not great,cant seem to get good quality picture by adjusting all the areas you can so I leave it on the "retail" setting,I dont have HD input going into it so that is part of the clarity issue(need to buy an DIRECTV HD box but dont feel like adding another 2 years onto that contract just to add that feature,considering VERIZON FIOS TV),this is my second VIZIO and am happy with their products!!!Read full review...



The item though used works well.
It has a usb support but will only read jpeg files - a real bummer. I had hoped that i would be able to used it for reading my video files straight from the usb.>
The video viewing is average, I would recommend watching this unit in a well lit room as it does put significant strain on the eyes when watching it in the dark.

In terms of annoyance, i would say it would be the high buzz noise when you turn off an input device such as a vcr, dvd etc.

What is it with the logo on the front being lit up at night? I have to constantly get up and unplugg the unit so that the fairly bright light on the logo "Vizio" can be a real nuisance, kinda like a night light for adults.

The remote is also quite basic, does not offer alot in the way of options but then again this is a bargain tv!

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Decent product and worth owning if bought for a low price

It's hard to adjust the picture. Finally settled on the "Retail" setting. Problem is everything looks great until the light in the scene is different. For example, a TV show looks good but when the local news comes on the bright sutdio lights wash out the faces on the screen. I tried every adjustment I could in the "Custom" settings and it was always get one thing right and sacrifice something else. So I watch with some parts of a show coming through badly and others just right, all on the same setting. So hard to adjust the picture. The factory settings are AWFUL. Don't use them. Choose Custom or another setting.

Good remote, lightweight set. For the money it was a good buy.

In the end I'm better off than I was because this set was purchased to replace an old tube screen television. Compared to that one, this is better.
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Vizio 32" TV great for the bed room!

Great TV, light weight easy to move, good picture quality and sound. Bought this for our bed room, fit great on our dresser top. Only dislike is the bright VIZIO lite at the bottom of the screen. Would like to have more for my other bed rooms.Read full review...


Price plus quality, you have nothing to loose.

Picture perfect that is how I describe this piece. Prior to purchasing this set, I had doubted the quality of Vizio, I had thought it could not compare with Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and others.
The only short coming is that it lacks PIP feature. The price at eBay is good compare to super stores! I will recommend this to anyone in need of affordable and quality LCD.Read full review...


Setup was a breeze, plug and play.

I am very pleased so far with my purchase. I look for quality and value in what I buy, and this TV delivered big time. The picture resolution is great as well as the sound, with no external speakers. The fit and finish of the set and stand are top notch. Setup was a breeze, plug and play. I'll be totally honest, for the price I thought this might be a dud, I was wrong and relieved. The TV is substantial in picture size and for a mid to large room its plenty. $300 Score! installing a wall mount bracket for this t.v. was a breezeRead full review...


Excellent with one exception.

I would have given it 5 stars, except its field of view is so wide that on a lot of channels you get lines of distortion just outside of the picture, which can be distracting. Works great with DVD or computer. Great speakers. In fact the internal surround sound is so good that I keep checking to see who else is in my house.

Even with the one issue, I will be buying another when I find one with a good price.
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solid tv, few features

So far the tv has worked great. disappointed there was no audio out slots but what do you do. I just recently moved, was short on cash, and needed a TV for my living room and figured this would work.Read full review...


Awesome !!

Awesome!! cool pictures and easy to navigate cool colors and I got a good deal with this TV, and I just wish I could buy another one. I really do recomend Vizio TVs to my friends

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