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Great camera for less than $100!

The ViviCam 3735 takes Great close-up shots! They print very clearly on our BubbleJet printer. Sunlight produces the best shots, but bright indoor light works also. There is a flash but the colors wash out if you're too close. There's a tripod opening in the base, a timer, editing software, and other features as well. The viewfinder on mine doesn't center very well, so I use the screen to view my subjects.
There is a wait time for the flash, so I tell my subjects to "wait for the beep". The recovery time (a few seconds)is longer than some other cameras, so you can't take the next shot right away. If you want it for action shots, you should look for another camera.
Bought primarily for macro (close) shots, we use it for everything.
It is larger than a cell phone, more like a 35mm camera, and heavy because it takes 4 AA batteries. We use rechargeable. The power drains from the batteries if you leave them in when you're not using it.
It takes any size CompactFlash memory card. We hook it up to our computer, keep the good shots and delete the bad.
It is a reasonably priced point-and-shoot camera. I liked it well enough to buy 2 and I'm planning to buy another for a grandaughter.
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vivitar vivicam

I do not like the fact that it is so big. I bought it because once again I trusted someone at their word,I feel it was misrepresented. Will not buy anything else electronic or phones or jewelry. Only luck with games and books. That's not saying much.Read full review...

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