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Van Helsing


When I first saw this movie I wasn't too thrilled with it. However, I recently saw it again with my boyfriend and have discovered that I enjoy it.

The storyline, although not as in-depth as some, is not as terrible as everyone seems to be saying about it. It is a simple plot of the Archangel Gabriel-who does not remember who he is, hence the name Van Helsing-going around the world ridding it of the evil creatures/beings/monsters that inhabit it.

Some of the monsters include Frankenstein, Count Dracula, the Brides of Dracula, the Children of Dracula, 2 Wolfmen, evil little creatures with pointed teeth and a nasty grave digger.

Along the way,with the help of a friar-not a monk-named Carl, to kill Count Dracula(again!?)he falls in love with a young woman named Anna, the last descendant in Count Dracula's line who has been trying to kill him herself. For if Count Dracula is not dead before she dies, then 11 generations of her family will not enter the gates to Heaven.

After a lot of enjoyable fight scenes and great special effects-especially the one where Hugh Jackman does the circus act at the Counts summer palace(my personal favorite)-they of course kill Count Dracula. Sadly, young Anna loses her life. But Gabriel is heartened by the knowledge that Anna, her brother and the rest of her family have now entered Heaven.

I rented this movie at first but I am now an owner. For anyone who loves Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale, Dracula, wolfmen, monsters,etc. this is the movie for you. If you don't like those things, this movie isn't for you. I hope I was able to help you.
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Great movie

My family can watch it over and over. Hugh Jackman is so cute in this.

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Great thank you!

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You get see awesome scenes, and a great story. I recommend it. :D

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Great price great shipping

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Interesting Take on a Subject! Moves Right Along.

Moves along at a good pace, decent special effects, a bit askew on the relationship of the characters but hey it's a movie version of an ancient legend of questionable repute.
However that said enjoy have fun with it.
I like it.
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very enjoyable thank you


Tons of Monsters, Tons of FX, Little Story

Van Helsing has Tons of Monsters, Tons of FX but Little Story

If you're looking for the next great American movie, turn away immediately. However, if you're a monster movie fan and you're looking for an action/adventure film full of cool monsters and great special effects, Van Helsing delivers.

Although Van Helsing is a little short on story, the action sequences and the monsters more than make up for that.

I love monster movies, and Van Helsing fits as many monsters as it can into the 2 hour time limit.

Van Helsing can be summed up by the following statement - Wall to Wall action scenes and monster battles.

Final Verdict:


Rent or Buy?: Nothing spectacular, and unless you're a huge monster movie fan, you can get away with a rental.

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Van Helsing

Van Helsing was a 'gun for hire' [not quite a bounty hunter] that fought evil in the late 1800's-early 1900's. His 'wanted dead or alive' motto causes him to have a questionable reputation. He is known to fight 'mythical' characters worldwide, ranging from banshees to warlocks.

He battles Mr. Hyde -- the alternate side of Dr. Jekyll[?] -- then his employer sends him to Romania to destroy Count Dracula: herein is the main movie.

Excellent graphics and computer-generated characters. Lots of morphing, too. good scenery, props, and buildings. Exciting action and fight scenes.

I rate this movie good-excellent because of the time and planning with the computer-generated monster, and the exciting action scenes.
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