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Waste of money

Did not work for me , not compatible with existing phones, disappointed....


Good phone

Every person is amazed at the superior phone clarity, especially the quality of the speaker phone. Those that are on the other end of the conversation and those that are in the room with me, have all noted the quality of the phone conversation experience.
If you want to be amazed at great sound quality, purchase this phone. It works well both indoors and outdoors. The speakerphone picks up every sound in the room. You will be able to enjoy the freedom of moving around in the room, while still enjoying your conversation. My family and I have tested the range of the speaker phone and have concluded that it is even superior to most corporate conferencing systems that we use on the job. So high praises are in order for the speaker phone system.
The key pad is excellent and the phone as several people have mentioned is very stylish. The screen is very respectable. I satisfied with this purchase.
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Nice phone, but battery life may be an issue.

I purchased a refurbished unit on ebay. Great look, feel, and features for the price. The batteries did not last very long,a complaint I had read in some other consumer reviews before purchasing the phones. Nothing close to what Vetech advertises for stand-by and talk time. I returned the "refurbished" units I had bought directly to Vtech and they sent out me brand new units within a few weeks. Have not tested the battery life on the new handsets yet, but A+ for customer service!!!Read full review...


Vtech 6053 1.9 GHz trio 1-line cordless phone

Love my new phones.
I live in an old house and didn't want to run wires.
This phone is great..base unit is connected to phone line, but two additional handsets just require charger cradles be plugged in.
Has a digital answering machine on the base and speaker phones on all three handsets.
Each hand set displays its name "handset 1" etc.
When I registered the phones at the Vtech website for my 1 year warranty, I ordered a free wall mount for the base unit and a belt clip for one of the handsets.
The handsets are very thin and modern looking with large numbers so easy to read. Good clear reception and the handset speaker phone is wonderful when your hands are busy...no more crinked neck or dropping the phone in the dish water!
Unit is easy to program using owners manual and digital screen on the handset and base unit.
My only "con" is: wish the base unit had its own keypad, but I knew it did not when I purchased.
Decided to buy after reading reviews at Consumers, talking to my sister who has the same phone I bought,
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Vtech DECT 6.0 6053: An excellent phone choice

This phone has many features which makes it the excellent phone that it is:

- crystal clear clarity
- extra long range
- sleek, RAZR-like design
- built-in digital answering machine>- 2 add-on handsets that do not require connection to phone lines
- great price for quality of phone

If you are looking for a new phone, I would definitely consider a vtech. I have had vtech phones in the past and they have not disappointed.Read full review...


Vtech 6053 1.9 ghz phone system

My,other phone went out. I thought this was a good choice, I was wrong.when you want to program phone numbers you have to go to each phone and do it seperatly, what a hassel. Also when you get a call that's in your directory it doesn't tell you who it is. When you want to enter a call from your call log there's no way to get that #1 before the area code so you have to remember the number. Reception is good but the phone is featureless..Payed too much, costco has it for $59.99.......Read full review...


Vtech 6053 1.9 GHz

I love the fact it is sleek and slim, very good looking phones.
I don't like that we can't sync the phones contacts with the other phones it came with.
We bought these phones because the phones we had (180$ AT&T Phones) simply wore out after just a few years.
Overall we are very pleased with these phones and would recommend them to our friends.
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Telephone review

The Phone works as it supossed to however it could have been better if the maufacter would have put the speakerphone on the base. It has a speakerhone on the handset. The sound is clear, egonoically the phone well designed and has a cool blue lighting system.Read full review...


Very Satisfied

I think this phone system is very good. It works great, has very good reception and can go very far from the base without getting static or losing connection. Very easy to set up, and works very well not interfering with any other wireless things. I have some 5.6 & 2.4ghz stuff and they all work well with this phone system running.Read full review...


Great Phone System

I bought this at Costco and I have to say I am very Pleased. It is very nice looking and functions great including the speaker phone on each Handset is amazing. When you look at them they almost remind me of a Motorola razor opened up with a very nice blue light. For the price you cant beat them and they don't interfere with any of my wifi in the house.Read full review...

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