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Sharp writing and witty banter

All the Charlie Sheen drama aside, this show was a highly intelligent modern take on the Odd Couple (with the addition of a kid and shifting the roommates from friends to siblings). I got this set of dvd's because I decided to end my relationship with cable and wanted to be sure I could watch the show when I wanted, since it isn't available streaming on Netflix. Now that the future of the show is uncertain I am glad I bought it.

If you haven't seen the show, give it a shot (start at the beginning when it was fresh) and enjoy! I will warn that it isn't fully appropriate for children in my opinion as it has lots of sexual innuendo. For adults, though, this is very entertaining and frequently laugh-out-loud funny.
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2.5 Men; Over and Over Again= Lots of Laughs : )

Unlike lots of other Half Hour 'Comedies'; This is Really Like Real life, Really Funny, Extremely Creative, Never Boring or Infantile, and a True Joy to Experience...Over and Over Again !

Charlie Sheen May Be a Despicable Person in Real life, I in no way accept or condone his behavior. However, my Granny taught me, as a very small child, the example of not Judging others, as I did not know how they came to be the way they were. Plus, if I Loved them, an believed God Did Not make trash, they might do better. If I rejected them... that was not what will help them do better.

That said, if you wish to be Entertained, over and over, by a DVD Collection; I Highly Recommend "2.5 Men" Seasons 1-6. I await 7, and, hopefully, beyond.
There have been very few actors who are able to play characters this often, for this long while watching them grow and grow up.

This DVD Collection, instead of all I have saved on my DVR, will help me keep Human Frailty and my own shortcomings in proper perspective. Never take yourself too seriously, or life too seriously. None of the Characters in this Collection, IMHO, do either of those and that makes me laugh, over and over !
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The copy we had recieved was a cheap copy. It had very poor picture quality and the packaging for the dvd's looked like someone printed them off a computer. We have gotten reference that there are alot of cheap import copies floating around. This goes for all dvd season's we have bought and looked up. If it seems too good to be true, it is. I would suggest you verify that all of your seasons are genuine. When they come in do not open them right away. Look at them and then look at them in the stores. If there is a difference between the too (i.e. clarity in pictures on the boxes and dvd's) there is reasons to worry. We have seen this is these seasons and just about every other season of anything you look for and we have bought. Just a heads up.Read full review...


Excellent TV Show

Two and a Half Men offers a quality relaxation time for you, its very funny, but not so much that its stupid. If your the person who likes Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, and The King of Queens, then Two and a Half Men will be perfect for you. If you prefer the humor in Family Guy, American Dad, or Futurama, then I would not suggest to get this TV series.
All in all, its a great show, it'll help you forget about your worries for a while (until you finished the series), and you'll definitely learn a lot from "Charlie Harper" (Charlie Sheen).
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This is an incredibly funny show and I am so glad that I bought the 1-6 series. It's nice to just pop the DVD in when you have the time to watch it and not miss any of the show because of those constant interruptions during the televised show that everyone usually has. I highly recommend this series to anyone who follows the show. It's EXCELLENT!!! And I will continue to buy any show that I enjoy in a set.Read full review...


Two and a Half Men lives forever!

This series of 2&1/2 men has the original characters. It is especially delightful to watch the characters develope their roles as the seasons progress. And to watch Jake grow up! While the reruns are available on TV, having the shows "at your command" is much better and you can stay in sequence.Read full review...


Two and a Half Men: The Complete Seasons 1-6

My husband has had countless hours of enjoyment watching these DVD. The quality, sound and price were excellent. I highly recommend this product to anyone.



This is the best/funny TV series that is on every night. When nothing interesting is on TV, we watch a DVD of Two and Half Men and have a great laugh! The new show is not the same without Charlie Sheen, so we don't watch it.Read full review...


Perfect gift for a sick relative.

This is a terrific series and fit the need for which I purchased it. As far as I know it is one of the best. It was a gift for an extremely ill relative and he has enjoyed it a lot.


two and a half men seasons 1-6

Hilarious! Bought it because there's just reruns on tv. Tonnes of episodes and good extra features. Funny characters. I don't know how they come up with this stuff!

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