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Good graphics100% agree

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A complex challenging game for the platform

My teenagers love this game but they are frustrated because they cannot have Smart it and figure out glitches. This game was very well put together for the platform and year that it was made


Buy it, you'll have hours of fun

I played this game as when I was in high school, now finishing college I got back to playing it again. The free roam time is awesome, you don't have to keep up with the gameplay. You can change clothes, haircut, upgrade your vehicles, buy non police issue weapons.It's all around. You also have the option to be a good cop or a bad cop, and both types of cops change the whole game play. It's a very well made game.

There are fights arenas and illegal races, which satisfies our need to compete against others, and prove we can be the best, it can be a bit challenging for the novice player, but it's fun.

The only thing I don't like, are the graphics and foul language. The graphics suck, but once you get used to it, you kinda don't care much. The game freezes so make sure you save your progress.
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True Crime: NYC Frozen In Time...

This game came to us used, therefore a small amount of wear and tear was expected. We were very surprised to find that it looked almost new. The only problem is that when it is played for an extended period of time, the game freezes. If you are really far into the game and haven't saved it, this could prove to be a problem. Overall, it was a great product for the pricing, just wish it didn't freeze.Read full review...


A Solid Game With A Few Drawbacks

In True Crime: NYC, you play the role of Marcus Reed, former gangbanger turned cop. The story is like a lot of B-Movie cop films from the 1990's (usually starring Ice-T). But that's not a bad thing. In fact, the story itself is the most enjoyable part of the game.

The soundtrack is very good, with a wide selection of music to choose from at the start. You can also purchase more music later on in the game should you wish to. Unlike comparable games, such as GTA Vice City, you can actually choose which songs get the most play, or get played at all, by adjusting the rating for each song. It's a little time consuming to do this, but if you're used to doing that for Windows Media Player it shouldn't be much of a hassle.

As for the gameplay itself... The game is set in a large sandbox enviroment. The graphics are gritty, which is fitting for this genre, and the animations are well done. (Though, not as well done as other games).

The problems arise in the area of Frame Rate. There are times during the game when it slows down for no apparent reason. This doesn't make the game unplayable, however, and can work to your advantage at times, such as during gun fights. Another glitch is when you step out the door and everything looks like a grey haze has been drawn over it. This usually doesn't last long, but it does happen.

Despite a few issues, a wide variety of weapons, clothing and hairstyles that you can utilize to customize Marcus' look and combat ability make this an enjoyable game. Unfortunately, the aformentioned glitches knock what would be a spectacular game down to average.

On a final note, if you're looking for a sandbox game for the kids, buy them Spider-Man 2 or something similar. If the game is rated "M", there's a fairly good reason for that. This game is adults only.
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gta wasnt made for the gamecube

but true crimes was.. its a very fun free raoming game .. you play a cop named marcus.. and there are different crimes you have to solve in the big NYC nice cars.. nice graphics.. and nice story.. a few glitches ..it freezed on me 2 times so make sure you save alot.. but that doesnt destroy the gameplay..glitches are actually kinda funny..so yea..if you need your gta fix for gamecube true crimes is the closest to it as you can getRead full review...


Good Gameplay but bad graphics

Although the Gameplay is very good there were alot of problems with the game. For example sometime when I enter some dort lf building the screen just goes black but the game isnt frozen. Alot of things make this game very frustrating. If you want to buy this game. Don buy it for GamecubeRead full review...


True Crime New York City (Review)

I bought this game at media play in New York for $40 one week after it was released. I went home and popped it in my gamecube shortly into the game i came to think that there was something wrong with the game. It seemed that the screen was moving in slow motion. But really this game has very serious frame rate issues. The game cannot handle the big city environment that is featured in the game. The games framerate is horrible and makes the game very frustrating to play. The graphics of this game also stink it looks like these graphics have been pulled out of a playstation 1 game. There are also a lot of glitches in the game. for one the game freezes up, you cannot enter some buildings even though your supposed to beable to. Also the drivig in the game is weird if you go up a hill or sumthing with a car you car will fly straight in the air and flip over the driving is very bizarre.
Although there are a couple good things about this game. The cars in the game are very fast. The weapons are very cool my favorite is the tazor. The random crimes that happen around the city while you just drive around are very entertaing to complete. The story line is fairly short and comes nowhere as long of a game as a grand theft auto game.
In conclusion I feel that I wasted 40 dollars on this game. If I was to buy this game and I was you I would purchase this game at a maximum price of 15 dollars. If you are looking for a good freeroaming game with lots of action and violence check out any one of the grand theft auto games or true crime streets of L.A.
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very good game if u

it's a very good game if you want to take a break from the latest generation consoles. It can be a bit repetitive but when u ridin that ferrari and ready bust some thieves....it couldn't feel any better. If you do not care about story line and you're a fre spirit...this game is for you. Personally rite now i'm havin fun cleaning up the streets.....OH did i mention.....you can even be a dirty cop.Read full review...


NYC does not leave up to its reputation

Like most True Crime fans i waited for the release of New York City. Then like most True Crime fans i was disappointed. You would think that when a sequel is released it would be better than the original. Sadly this is not the case.
True Crime New York City is lame. The graphics are very dark and the city looks very dirty. The graphics are the worst i have seen in a video game. One minute it is raining next it's not then it is again.
If you liked True Crime Streets Of LA you might be disappointed with True Crime New York City
Activision needs to take a long look at this before it releases another flop.
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This Game is Very Good

This Game is Very good the people giving it bad reviews arent playin it to its full potential there is more freedom on this one and stores u can go in and rob and tons of other free roam things u can do aside from missions,Mixture of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas And True Crime Streets of LA A+Read full review...

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