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very good movie

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Quality Merchandise

Excellent Product

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Tron: Legacy

Jeff Bridges comes back in his role as Kevin Flynn the brilliant gaming software engineer who got control of his games in the first movie. Now Flynn has disappeared and left his son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) and other board of directors at his company thinking he either left or died. Through a series of events his son discovers that Flynn re-entered the digital world and has been living there.

This is not a remake of the original movie, rather it is a continuation of the story. The graphics have been advanced to todays technology but all the original games have been incorporated in this sequel.

The story was good and the acting was above average but it lacked some of the flair you might expect, especially in the digital animation. However it was still a good movie and will be a good addition to the collection right next to the original movie.

Of note is the return of Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley and Tron.
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"Good Sci-Fi Sequel!"

Jeff Bridges and Garrett Hedlund star in this 2010
sci-fi sequel to the 1982 film. A young man is
beamed to a digital world and searches for his
long-lost father. It's nice to see Jeff reprise his
role as Kevin Flynn, but they waited too long.
This dvd has nice picture and sound plus 2
featurettes. I recommend this good sci-fi
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Well done...worth watching!

My son knows I loved the original Tron and told me this one was worth watching. He was right.
Definitely a fun flick! Garret Hedlund could use some acting lessons but Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde more than carry him.
Jeff is a fine actor as is Olivia with the addition of being hot, hot, hot.
The original Tron was a ground breaker and this one adds better effects and some good "spiritual" touches.
Just ignore the bozos that found it boring. They probably just ran out of beer.
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Great Experience

Thank You

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Remarkable, a must have/own for Tron fans, even better than the original !

It may not be the original Tron, but the action sequences here are truly something to marvel at. I loathed the writing in the script, because it felt like a teenager wrote it, but beyond that the plot is very intrieguing and leaves an opening for a sequel later down the line (which I heard has been greenlit). Despite the beginning being slow, the film picks up pace as soon as our hero is digitized into the virtual world. One of my favorite characters is Quorra, who is a strong, beautiful female Iso (we learn about their tragic end, and that she is the last of her kind), a detail I felt was fascinating and interesting.Read full review...


Great Movies. Family time :-)

See the first movie than this one. We love it! If you remember the first movie than you must see this one. Seen it three times in 3D and noticed something different everytime. There is so much going on in the background I missed. Then my son pointed things out that I saw things in a different way everytime. I have the orignal on VHS so he knows the story line and still likes this one better... maybe because of the graphics. Still both are great movies.Read full review...


Great movie! End of line?

Absolutely loved this movie. It was obviously too deep for the average movie critic. The storyline was ingenioius. Can't wait for TRON III. The cast was great and Jeff Bridges was amazing in his roles. He is such a good actor. He really gets into his character. Thank you to Disney for facilitating the making of this picture.Read full review...


Tron: Legacy (DVD, 2011)

A very good follow-up to 1982's groundbreaking "TRON". The visuals are fantastic. The actors all do a fine job, especially Jeff Bridges in the dual role as Clu/ Flynn. This well done sci-fi. Very entertaining.Read full review...

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