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Traxxas E-Maxx #3903

100% waterproof!!! Great for running in the snow, mud, water etc. etc. etc.
Only downfall is the batteries it comes with new. They'll last you 10 mins if you're lucky. Going with two 2S lipo packs is the way to go with this truck and is 100% safe to use with the EVX-2 16.8 volt ESC because you're not going past the ESC rated capacity but you get tons more power to the motors. Turns the E-Maxx into a completely different machine running on lipo's I run dual 5000 mAh 2S lipo's and get around 20-25 mins run time maybe a little more-(30 mins) if I'm taking it really easy on the truck. If you run lipo's make sure you get low voltage alarms for your lipo packs so you don't end up ruining your expensive lipo's. Durability is great and if and when you do break something the replacement parts are cheap!! Large amount of upgrades available for the E-Maxx if that's something you think you need to do but it's just fine set up stock out of the box, besides the battery situation mentioned earlier.
All in all it's a great electric truck that will provide hrs of fun at a reasonable price. Also Kershaw Designs makes a very affordable motor upgrade (Dual 700 HO's) that turns the Emaxx into a beast, esecially when run on lipo's and it's still 100% waterproof with the Kershaw motor upgrade. Kershaw upgrade is aroung $100.00 and is well worth the money.
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Traxxis E-Maxx 3905 RC truck

I bought three E Maxx's here on EBAY. A first series 3906 with two speed shift on the fly and thought it was an awsome truck. Since then I have bought two more 3905 E- Maxx's on EBAY and they are definately an improvement. 14.4 or 16.8 volts of power, longer wheelbase for better handling, and waterproof electronics. My self and two kids 8&10 have climbed and jumped just about every thing from dirt piles, snow piles, sand, rocks, puddles and they are awsome. Traxxis parts are available but these are pretty durable in stock form. New the EMAxx is kinda pricy. If you find a bargain Emaxx on EBAY, buy it you'll have a ball. Every one I bough I felt was a fair deal. But be warned, One mighty not be enough.Read full review...


it awesome product! great value for the money

very good truck!! it look nice and easy to drive!! i think it much better then other monster truck i owned befor, this truck is heavyduty parts not easy to break at all,awesom product gread value for the money!!!!!!Read full review...


e maxx 3905,3908,3903

This truck is all that i thought it would be and more... as soon as i got my emaxx i installed a Castle Mamba monster 2200kv brushless combo and it brought this truck to life. After market part support is great. upgrading your truck is very simple. The only weak point that i can see are the bulk heads, they take alot of strain so upgrading to aluminum is a must(Fast lane Machine for your bulk heads)other than that i highly recommend it..3905,3903,3905 are all have the same chassis, what is different is the electronics they come with.Read full review...


great product

This truck was for my 12 year old son. He is very satisfied with product. It is the second traxxas vehicle he has, both are exactly what was advertised. Lots of fun.


Better than I expected

This was a great buy. I The parts and upgrades included with the truck were nearly worth the price.It made a great birthday present for my girlfriend's son. He was in awe.


excellent alround and one tuff buggy

bought my first e maxx over 10 years ago and it is still going strong. i got this new one for a friend who was after his first, and i recommended an e maxx. he loves it


Great produce! Worth buying if you want bash it around.

I bought this truck cause i wanted to be able to a brushless motor. I really enjoy this RC. I dont have any dislikes about it. I dont have any to compare it to.


great product lots of fun

Everything was great and the product it's self is great except for the getting smashed beyond repair in the mail part.


lot of fun

I have always wanted a rc 4 wheel drive monster truck.It bis a lot of fun and yes Iwould buy another one in a heart beat

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