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Good disc!

Ships fast and it works well on my bluray!

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Great Value


Good movie

If you like Transformers, Michael Bay style, lt's great! Lots of effects that are cool. Slightly vulgar at times, but it's not PG. Maybe a little over the top, but that's Michael Bay's style.

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Transformed excellence

This movie series finally got really good in comparison to the first two.

The opening was pretty cool because the Transformers' home planet Cybertron was shown. It really showed the origin of the conflict between the Autobots and the Decepticons.

Shortly after that, there was too much of the human element in the first quarter of the movie. It gets kind of annoying when the human characters are being developed instead of the Transformer characters developing.

But despite the overwhelming time spent with the character development, it was made up for by the second half of the movie. It was almost non-stop action and fighting sequences. Megatron, once again, really did not have that much influence on the plot of the movie. It just does not make sense why he is not utilized much more than what he is in this movie and even the two previous ones.
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The 3rd best

1st, 2nd and 3rd are the best transformers movies. All the rest sux.

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"Dark of the Moon" puts Transformers back as the reliable great movie experience!

Great movie, believable special effects and it provides more Transformer insight and story line. Better than "Revenge of the Fallen" and on par with the first movie in the series. Great Blu-ray color, clarity and audio too. Get some popcorn, a cold pop and crank up the surround sound.Read full review...



Great product. I recomment this!


OK Movie..but not a good movie..

This is probably the worst of the (now 4) installments of "The Transformers"..This one is the 3rd started out pretty good with the moon "thing" & Buzz Aldrin & the fellows were sworn to secrecy..Even the Kennedy/Nixon thing..but after got crappy..REAL FAST!! (laughing)..the older Chinese man/woman (Ken Jeoung) who's all over every comedy movie nowadays is doing his best Black-American ghetto woman imitation..& it just got corny & hacky from there..the movie does have its good moments though..when Optimus's predecessor (Sentinal Prime) turned on the Autobots..but the good points were few & far in between..i'd recommend that you either 1) buy the DVD on Ebay for under 4 bucks..or 2) watch it online for free..LOL..thank you..Peace..& God bless you & yours..

A-Weapons..South Bronx, NYC..
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Excellent movie for third one.

Great action along with even better cinematography. They just keep on living up to the original television cartoon other than storyline not being followed.

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If you like to see just computer graphic interfaces, then this movie is 4 u

backfire yourself with this blasting, blaze, blowing kingdom come, break out, burst, collapse, convulse, detonate, discharge, erupt, flame up, flare up, fracture, jet, kablooey, let go, mushroom, rupture, set off, shatter, shiver, split, thunder and of course: explosive movie created by the master of explosions Michael Bay.
The movie has no script at all, its all about BoOOom and outstanding special effects. No doubts about the power of the 3D models, renders, effects and overall artwork, but it lacks in content, storyboard and a powerful script. If you are looking for content and a valid reason for: "why am i going to kick your butt so bad?" then transformers dark fo the moon is not for you, but if you want to distract yourself and most of the time see actors having fun in serious moments and laughing and chilling in catastrophically situations and basically doing random and "LOL" stuffs mixed with the power of our CGI artists , then is a must have!.
objective score: 4/10
artist score: 8.5/10
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