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Toy Story

Great Movie, Love it. Thank so much. A BEAUTIFUL Story.....

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Toy Story

I love this movie. I bought it for my daughter's birthday on eBay because it is the only place I could find an original copy. The store sells Toy Story but not in the original box. Kinda like a first printing copy of a book. I sincerely think this is one of the best family movies ever made. It is entertaining, adventurous, and can make you laugh and cry. It brings out several emotions. When I was little, I used to pretend my toys were alive, as I'm sure many children do. Incredible movie.Read full review...


Toy Story

I bought Toy Story on DVD a few weeks back for my 2 year old son. My sister had it & he took her copy & wouldn't give it up until I got him one. After searching everywhere, with no success, I decided to turn to EBAY. Lo & behold, I found it. The movie is an excellent entertainer for small children when trying to cook, clean or do general housework. The only thing I do not like about Toy Story is they use the words "stupid" and "idiot" way too much and I don't want him learning those words at such a young age. I recommend Toy Story to everyone young and old.Read full review...


Pixar's first full-length feature film--and what a hit!

Terrific story telling as only Pixar can do. What amazes me is that this was their first full-length feature film. You fall in love with these characters who represent so many fond memories from our childhood. Kids will love the characters and toys while adults will appreciate the humor and animation. The perfect family film at home or in the car.

HITS: Monumental computer graphics, perfect musical score, and most of all the best written story of any annimated film in the last 10 years.

MISSES: Computer graphics are lagging if viewed from 2006 eyes.
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Toy story one is a classic.

A classic for generations, kiddo loves it as well as mom and dad. This series and the cars series are what my son loves. Adults with a normal sense of humor can watch over and over like the kids do. Recommend kids 3 and up. My son keeps asking if there will be a Toy story four? We hope so. :)Read full review...


Excellent movie for children of all ages.

The first Toy Story movie ever on DVD. Great movie with real animation - not just a cartoon. A great time pass for kid(s). They will watch it again and until they grow. Add it in your collection. This particular version of the DVD is currently out of print. There is a 2 disc set of the same movie released in 2005. Same great movie with more special features.Read full review...


Toy Story is the BEST EVER !!!

We have this movie and my son and the whole family have watched it several times. Toy Story has been my sons favorite movie since he was old enough to watch it. It is our Favorite and Cars is right up there with it. This is a Movie for all ages young and old. The toys are great and the whole animation of this movie could not be better!!! I recommend this to anyone who has a childs heart !!!

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I remember when this was out in theaters.

I wasn't always an adult. I do remember when I was younger and went to go see this in the theaters. Granted I was a teenager, but I thought this movie was amazing then and I still do.

I wouldn't want anything less for my kids.

Story line is solid.
Music is perfect.
Humor is definite.
...and the most important part is that it's something you wouldn't mind watching with your kids.

And I don't have to tell you it's safe for your kids to watch... it is a Disney film after all. John Disney would be proud... haha.
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Reach for the sky or I'll send you to Infinity & Beyond

This is a great kids show . We love it . I remember taking my Neice and nephew to see this one at the movies . that was many years ago .
We loved it then and still to this day it is a great show .
Now I have my own child and we have watched this movie over and over.
Woody and Buzz and all the gang really do know how to put on a show .

Grab it up and then get Toy Story 2 you will enjoy that one too .
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Woody and Buzz are introduced in the first Toy Story movie along with the rest of the toys. They have quite an adventure on thier hands, and the fun doesnt stop there. There are silly jokes, and even alot of lines that although a child might not understand, are pretty much harmless make it more interesting to an older audience. Thanks for reading my opinion, and if you'ld like to check out my store, I am permitted by ebay to provide you a link here:
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