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Intellivision Tower Of Doom

Monsters. Magic. Good. Evil. Strength. Cunning. Traps. Mazes. You are about to face the greatest challenge any mortal has ever known -- the Tower of Doom.
The Tower of Doom. Treasure and glory are yours...if you can escape...ALIVE!

Discover what powers your treasure possess! Be careful! Some can cause you great harm!
Requires quick reflexes and quicker wits -- some monsters can only be defeated in battle, others must be bribed with treasure!
Select one of 10 characters! Different characters have different abilities to fight, bargain, and endure! You must make the most of your character's skills!
Select one of 10 adventures! Some require more strength, some require more brains! Choose a tower where the mazes are always the same, or a tower where the mazes are different every time you enter!
Explore winding corridors! Collect magical treasures! Battle vile monsters! Escape perilous traps!
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