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Great unit

Worked great right out of the package, great value, I didn't have to fool with it at all, it picked up a strong signal really quickly, and has better maps then I expected. Right from the start, it knew the routing I use, the redirects very fast. It has a very easy to see screen with everything I need to know right on it, it has a strong battery, it operated for about 21/2 - 3 hrs. before it needed to charge. I have lots of experience with a verity of G.P.S. units, TomTom is always the most accurate.Read full review...

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by Top critical review

Easy View-able Screen, Directions Are On-point, Very Easy To Use

Purchased this model to replace my older model TomTom Go 510 which stopped working. It is much lighter than the 510 but has virtually the same features and has a slightly larger screen. The only drawback is that it has only internal memory. There is no slot for a memory card. That's why I can only give it 3 stars.Read full review...

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Working well

The item was a replacement for one that was stolen from my car. This model works just as perfect as the stolen Tom Tom XL. Easy to read screen, simple icons, and responsive connection to the satellites.Read full review...

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no good


Nice size, easy to use

It is a nice size GPS and very easy to use. The only thing I didn't like is it is very expensive to buy updated maps & even after I purchased the updated map, it still shows street numbers on the road I live on in the wrong places (shows my house 6 miles down the road). The only other thing I don't like it when it tells you to turn left, it just says "turn left" instead of telling you to turn left onto whatever street you're turning on. I found that it can be confusing when you have multiple streets very close to eachother and it's just telling you to turn left. Otherwise, I am satisfied with it. Has some pretty cool functions and is very easy to use.Read full review...


great gps

Great gps, has what you need and better than newer models that drop nice features for some insane reason (claiming new and approved), stick with this one and do not recommend the new voice to text models, they are a pain and needs repeating.Read full review...


Great product. Easy to use.

The TomTom XL 310 US is easy to use and good to have in the car. I bought it because my last GPS had been stolen out of my car. The touch screen can be sensitive, and at times I find that I mean to press the top option and it takes me to the second option, but it is not hard to navigate back to the main screen. The voice is loud and clear. Glad I purchased this.Read full review...


Very easy to use touch screen operation with nice extra features.

I've never had a GPS system before, so when I received this unit I didn't really know what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised with it's features and ease of use. There were functions on this that I didn't even think of having but turned out to be icying on the cake. I love it and would recomend it anyone.Read full review...



I bought TOM TOM XL 310 JUST TODAY and was immediately impressed with the number of features available on this inexpensive GPS.The TOM TOM XL 310 size is perfect for carrying in a pocket and the battery has a pretty good lifespan of roughly 3 hours.Other GPS I've owned have simpler menus and get you to important features easily. Overall, I'd recommend the GPS if you're on a budget.Read full review...


Just what i needed and at an unreal price!

This navigation unit has a wide screen and extra features that makes this a cool item to have. It is also very easy to use as well.

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