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Came fast

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Not my game!!!

The graphics are awesome and everything looks real. I like the fact that Ubisoft went out of the normal playground and on this game you go under cold water with well protected equipment. I go different places in the world and part where it looks like it would be -20 degrees I guess. I like the different scenarios and not the same, same like other games.
The menu and your help, also maps are well explained.
The bad is too much to do around and no action when playing. The aiming sucks donkey balls and the different guns that the game has aren't that great. And those 2 last points makes it easy to get kill no matter what. I had a good experience with Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and that's why I thought all Tom Clancy's games were going to be awesome, but not. This game is not that great.
The online playing ill give it a 6 out of 10. I don't know why but personally I didn't like it and I only played it for like not even 10 minutes. I didn't enjoy it at all.
I haven't been too far on the game but what I been so far it is not a 100% all I wanted it to be.
You can't run fast what makes me go slow and I get delay on going through the game. I feel like it is a little hard to control you person you're playing with. (I forgot his name, dammit.)
Over all I give this game a 7.5 which it's not bad but not great.
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great game ,keep them coming .

Fun game to play,i like the stealth type games and so far all the splinter cells were good to me ,this double agent just shows how they are getting better and i have no complaints with this game. I would recommend this one for play. Tom clancy has made some good games.Read full review...


Classic Splinter Cell style

Kept some of the classic underpinnings of the Splinter Cell franchise, but some of the game-play could be improved. For anyone that has never played SC before, the "tutorial" will be lacking to say the least. For long time fans, some of the controls take getting used to, but nothing too complicated. Missions are fairly well scripted with only a few minor annoyances. The AI will attempt to keep you in line as much as possible, but does not reward stupidity. Overall, a good game and one worth picking up, if you can find a good deal on it--combines the adrenaline of a good FPS and the patience of a good sneak and stick.Read full review...


Stay away!

This is not good. I just kept playing so I could finish & be done with it. Trust me it was really bad.

Verified purchase: No


Great game, just not on the PS3

I bought the game because I really like the splinter cell series, but for some reason, the PS3 version of Double Agent seems to have constant frame rate issues. Perhaps it was because I bought the game used, but when I did buy it, it had no scratches and was in very good condition. I definitely recommend this game, just not the PS3 version. The Xbox 360 version seems to run a lot smoother and I believe it's simply because the game was originally made for the 360 and PS2. The PS3 version came later after it's release and I don't think the developers took the time to work the kinks out for the system. Constant skips in gameplay and even during loading screens, the graphics in the background can be seen skipping and running at a slow frame rate. This also lead to me being spotted on numerous occasions and even killed.
Overall it's a great game, but because of the issues I had, I have to give it a three out of 5.
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Tough game-Fun to play

I picked up Double Agent about a week after it came out...Playstation 3 games can be tough to find when they first came out. I am a first time player of this game, I have never played any of the Splinter Cell games in the past.

The graphics are really nice, faces look natural and everything looks great.
The controls are good, sometimes its tough to get the right view of something, like when going up/down stairs, but with practice you can fix this. Its not too hard of a game to pick up control wise, but sometimes I got stuck on missions because I didn't know what to do. If you have the strategy guide you probably could beat the game in one night.
The enemy AI is terrible, most will walk around and not notice you in a room unless you walk right in front of them. Its kind of silly, but this game is less a shooter and more of a strategic game.
THE STORY IS COOL-it makes the game fun. Basically you are a double agent and you are on missions where you work for the bad guy and the good guy, so its alot of fun and you are put in lots of different situations.
I have not tried the on-line, but if you are into this game I'm sure it will be fun to compete against others online.

Depends on you budget for games. If you are on a tight budget (the game will run you $40-$67) I would wait for the Rainbow Six Vegas game that comes out in May, it looks great. Or wait for the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 game that comes out in the summer I think. Both of those games look amazing in reviews and I heard the the enemy AI is improved beyond this game.
However if you got $60 to blow, its a fun game and there are not many PS3 titles out now so its always fun to get a new game. The story will keep you involved and there are different decisions that effect the outcome.

Overall I would give this game a B-

Thanks-Check back with me, I will review every PS3 game I buy this year.
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Good Game!

This is a good game, not great. It moves the story along quite well, however it lacks in game time. This is a short one, you can easily breeze through the game in a few hours. The characters and story is great as usual, and it basically has all the same goodies from Chaos Theory with the addition of a few new ones. Graphics are also good, so I give it a 4 out of 5.Read full review...


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent (Playstation 3)

Splinter Cell: Double Agent is a great addition to the Splinter Cell saga. The story is defiantly gripping. The controls are harder to grasp at first then most games. I do have to give the developers credit for doing a good job when putting the controls on the PS3. The game play is very good. You do not want to stop playing this game once you start. The weapon inventory is easy to navigate, I figured it out instantly. The training for this game is not what I expected, Ubi could have been better. The training was not very explanatory, it basically told you to do something but not how to do it. The graphics in the game are AWESOME . The water looks fantastic (as much as you can see without night vision on), the characters look smooth. The graphics team could have smoothed out the shadows a bit more . This is an all around great game, I recommend it to any Splinter Cell fan, or any one who plays this kind of a gameRead full review...


Another good but not great game.

Well the game is difficult at times, but of the series of Tom Clancey game i will rate this last. the game play is decent some difficult missions and compatiblity for online play which alot of people like. although there isn't alot to do for online it is still fun.

Game- B-
Graphics- B+
overall - B

i woudl recommend you purchase rainbow six or ghost recon. if you are buying for the online then buy Ghost recon when it comes out. for the mission and such Rainbow six is the best.

but of all the first person shooter games this is one of the best out right now. if your into the first person stealth than this is the game for you. if not wait for the other games to come out
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