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Daughter absolutely LOVED it !!!!!

Tinkerbell finally encounters a human. It is a well animated and well written tale that will please , I think, just about any little girl under the age of 10. And unlike a lot of stuff for children these days, adults will have no trouble watching this cute little Disney film. After being captured by an imaginative little girl named Lizzy, Tinkerbell must overcome her language barrier ( remeber, fairies sound like little bells when they speak ) and bring to light the rift between the Lizzy and her father, a scientific researcher who just doesn't have time for his daughter. This movie teaches about curiosity, friendship and predjudice. After the movie ended, my own daughter, who is 2 1/2 years old, came up to me, crawled into my arms and said "Daddy, I wanna fly". And that, ladies and gentlemen is the power of film making and the imagination it helps bring out in the ones who see it.Read full review...


Tink never fails to enthrall

As with the other Tink titles, this one does not fail to enthrall, and not just my 2 year old but my husband and I enjoyed it too. The addition of 'real' people was a great growing tool for my daughter to enjoy Tinkerbell and start to visualize the relative size of the fairy world.
Having just viewed another Disney classic recently, I am glad to report that the clarity and skill of the cartoon is top-notch. At times the action seems so real you could almost feel it is an incredible clay motion of old---with no jerkiness, just amazing flow, color and precision. If you aren't amazed and want to remind the section where the fairy friends skitter backwards into the grass after being wrenched from the mud, you have lost your sense of humor and delight; its hilarious.
A definite must see and one for your permanent collection.
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Heartwarming, magical, story you don't want to miss.

I had watched the movie already, that is why I decided to buy it. I was worried that this one may not be as great as the other sequel, but it doesn't disappoint! A heart warming story about adults who fail to listen to their children, or believe in them- no matter what. A story about a girl who ifnds something she has always looked for; fairies. And of course a story about feisty Tinkerbell, who heeds no warnings. But what I really liked was how Lydia makes a mistake, but owns up to it.
I love d the magic, and this movie shows the importance of believing your children, no matter what. After all how long will they believe in fairies? My three year old loved it and we both agreed- dreams do come true with this magical movie.
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Better for older children and adults

For older children and adults, I think this is better than the first two. The story line and plot are geared more to adults. Instead of just having disasters that are solved by Tinkerbell's ingenuity, this one actually has some character and Tinkerbell gets to interact with a young girl whom she talks to by sign language she has to make up as she goes along. The problems she solves are the girl's problems with her widowed father, a scientist who knows that fairys are not real. Probably better for the 6-10 and 35+ year-olds than the 3-5 year-olds.Read full review...


The Best Tinker Bell Movie

I think this is one of the Best Tinker Bell Movies. I really wasn't real excited about watching it. I figured it was one of those put together fast movies and well just not that good but I was certainly wrong about this movie! I think they did a wonderful job and really it wasn't anything like I thought it would be. I watched it then bought it and then my 3 yr old niece came over and we watched it again and again and one more time! LOL! But I didn't mind!Read full review...


Great Item

I purchase a lot of Movies for my GrandDaughter through Ebay. I have never had a problem with any of them so far.

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Tinkerbell The Great Escape

Exelant movie no scratches at all we loved it

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Cute movie

Grand children love it.

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Kids like it!

Kids love it and it is nice to have a DVD so we can play it over and over again.

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This is a great movie!

Great movie. Disney doesn t do wrong! Ny daughter wanted this movie and since it has been out we hadn t seen it. Finally I ordered it on ebay, with great customer service it came and we watched it time and time again. Tinkerbell is now and always will be a classic. The characters and theme is so cute and very idendifiable to my daughter. I believe in faries and so should you.Read full review...

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