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Stryper -Yellow and Black Attack 1984-1986

Stryper is a christian metal and hard rock band from Orange County, California that set the stage for all Christian Metal bands such as: BloodGood, Holy Soldier, Barren Cross, Sacred Warrior, Saint, and WhiteCross!

My personal favorite songs are: Loving You, From Wrong To Right, Loud-N-Clear, and Co'Mon Rock! If you like Dio, Iron Maiden, King Kobra, Keel, Icon, and Judas Priest? This c.d. is definitely for you!
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Great debut from a great band

All songs display unique musicianship. Unheard of guitar sound and high pitched but controlled vocals make this album one of the best of its year's released.


great, perfect

I like very much this album, the sound, the cover, etc., I always wanted get it, but now I got it, thanx a lot guys


blast from the past

The CD was in perfect shape, clean, sound wonderful. Brings back a lot of memories, glad I made the buy. Always bring back the past, cause you can never go back, but the memories are always good.


Stryper Yellow and Black Attack

Love this album. Stryper's premier. Bought it to finish off a Stryper collection. Sound quality is great.


yellow & black attack-stryper

I loved this band when they first came out. I have this cd on vinyl & now I can upgade it to cd. These guys can really spread the word & the people really don't realize that they are going it or really care.Read full review...



It is an awesome Christian rock cd. Everyone should listen to it. We listen to other groups too but this one rocks!!!!!

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