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The Hills are Alive on Blu-Ray!!!

Wonderful release for this terrific family film, this limited edition blu ray comes in a nice book style packaging with some behind the scenes photos and information on the film and the real life inspiration. It also includes a DVD copy of the film along with the Blu Ray and a second disc of special features on Blu Ray. If you don't already own the film and love it, this is a great version to have in your collection.Read full review...

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Very GOOD like NEW !!

A Excellent GOOD MOVIE ,Good Disc-Format,Blu-Ray and Over All
Plays as New ,a 5-Star Satisfied.

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The ultimate Sound Of Music disc.

I picked this up for my 96 year old granny.The look on her face was priceless,as she watched this disc.She was going back some 40 years or so the last time she saw it. This edition has sharp clear transfer on the picture and sound.I have never seen any other versions,but have no complaints at all on this one. It contains more options and extras than most people will ever use. It seemed to me the disc was a little slow to load on my Sony player.Once it Got started everything was smooth.Read full review...


Classic Movie

A great movie in Blu-ray, great entertaiment.

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Great item for collectors. Looks fantastic in movie collection.

Outstanding product. Two blu-ray disks in one package, plus pages of pictures in between. It is a digibook, so the disks sit in cardboard pockets (be sure not to fling this item around, else the disks fly out), which isn't exactly ideal, but whoever handles this product will probably do so with care.

Crystal clear picture and sound.
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I watched an old favorite, but was a whole new experience!!

I bought this Blu-ray/DVD for my mother for Christmas. It was always one of her favorite movies, but we never actually owned a copy, just rented one or borrowed from a friend. The only quality we had ever seen was the VHS version. We watched it on Blu-ray and we couldn't peel our eyes away from the screen, the quality was THAT amazing! It was like watching a movie that just came out! There were also MANY onus feautures, which we still haven't even finished watching them all. But so far the ones I have watched have been very educational and I've learned a few things about the movie that I never knew before. There's also quite a bit about the Von Trapp family which the movie is based on, so that was really neat to see.
So, for $19.99, yeah it is WELL worth the value! LOVE this edition of this great classic!
I couldn't be a happier costumer!!
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Classic movie available for DVD and Blu-Ray.

This was a requested Christmas gift for our 9-year-old (4th grade) granddaughter, who was delighted to receive it. Having the combination of DVD and Blu-Ray is "cool," as she said. She also said several of her classmates already have the DVD of The Sound of Music, and she is looking forward to learning all the songs, as well as learning more about the historical events portrayed in the movie. I was delighted to find the product on eBay, as I have loved that movie ever since it came out when I was about my granddaugher's age. My parents had to take me to a larger town that had a wide-screen movie theatre to see it, and I was enthralled, so I am glad my granddaughter is carrying on the tradition of loving Julie Andrews' music and the whole movie.Read full review...


A must, there will never be so much from a film this old ever made.

My main reason for getting this set was for research for an upcoming trip to Salzburg, Austria. One weekend I watched the entire collection in this package and found it to be one of the best ever put together.

The film itself in HD, remastered, brings new life to something that has been a favorite to many for generations.

As far as the extras? You will feel like you are there. Behind the scenes, a virtual tour, snapshots, facts, hurdles and why things were done a certain way.

Very proud to own this and have it on my shelf.
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Fantastic Movie

The Sound of Music will provide a very enjoyable experience. Very relaxing movie and highly recommended.

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I love this classic movie. It's my favorite.

My parents showed us this film when we were really litte, I remember I was only 6 years old. We have treasured it on VHS for years. My father gave me the DVD version about 4 years ago. And, now I'm so excited to have it on Blue-Ray. I love that there is a bonus features disc too;I haven't watched it yet, but I'm sure it will have great information on the wonderfulness of the film. I am now 30 and showing it to my boys (5 and 2 years old). I find them humming, "The hills are alive with the sound of music" and "Do a dear a female dear." I love it!! If you have not seen this yet, it is a must ... not just for you, but the entire family.Read full review...

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