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With the assistance of a former Soviet General, Yugoslavian terrorists have obtained control of a nuclear device. They are determined to carry their
message of the slaughter in their homeland to the world. The problem is that it has gone too far, and now a nuclear bomb has been adapted to be exploded by a disaffected politician who lost his family in the violence. To make his message evident to the world, he plans to explode this bomb in New York City outside of the United Nations Building during a world conference of leaders. Tom Devoe (George Clooney), a Colonel in the US military intelligence, and Dr. Julia Kelly (Nicole Kidman) an anti-smuggling official working for the NSA team up to track down this terrorist from Europe to New York to try to capture this guy before the unspeakable happens. This is a fast, action-packed film and the premise is very relevant today.Read full review...


The Peacemaker is non-stop action!

If you like lots of action, you'll really like "The Peacemaker, starring George Clooney and Nicole Kidman. The action is infused with moments of pathos as a victim of Bosnia - Serbia warfare witnesses the killing of his wife and child.
The story is interlaced with Russian bad guys and stolen atomic weapons that wind up in a sinister plot involving a stolen train, great car chases and mass murder in America. I bought the DVD because the plot twists and turns beautifully and I wanted to see it again. I actually enjoyed it more the second time around.
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good fast action to keep you in your seat.

This is a very good action movie and keeps you interested.I think that it had a good story and a believable plot.
The cast of characters was also good.


Two Great Actor fo Average Flick

It was predictable but had action to keep your attention. The script was poorly written in my opinion. If it weren't for the Oscar winner's in the movie (and this was not there Oscar performance!) I don't think anyone would really care.Read full review...


Action Action Action

Whenever I'm flipping channels looking for something decent to watch and come upon this movie I always enjoy watching it. Action filled throughout and really quite believable for the most part.



this product didn't take long to be delievered and the seller was very accurate with this product I like this movie because it had action


The Peacemaker DVD

I am in the process to replace some of my VHS tapes with DVDs. So everything with this DVD was great.



great performance from the whole cast george cloney acting ability keeps getting better and better with every movie part


Kidmans best movie Clooney is good as always

Action packed and fun to watch. A great movie for those that want to see terriorst killed in todays terror filled world!

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