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Laugh till you cry funny!

If you don't think you like the office... you probably only watched half of an episode.

If you get to know the characters (takes 2-3 episodes)... i DARE you not to laugh every episode.

It has that same humor as Arrested Development which is another great show.

You will especially find this show funny if you have ever worked in a cubicle like environment.

This season is as good as the rest, i cannot pick which one is the best, they are consistently hilarious every single episode.

They do a great job of developing the characters and making you almost feel like you know them personally.

Hands down the best comedy on television right now.
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Keep it Up!

I have purchased all Seasons of The Office so far. It's a great show. Season 4 is even better than season 3, I think. I'm glad that Jim is back at the Scranton branch, because Karen and Andy's characters seemed to take away from the show. I do wish that poor Toby had a good moment, though. It's nice to see a certain couple together without making the show too sappy. The crew's static personalities keep me laughing! The complete unreality of Michael Scott's antics and the daily plots are hysterical! It just never gets old. Can't wait for season 5 to come out on DVD!Read full review...


The Office season 4 on dvd

Funny and quite entertaining. I actually worked with characters like the Office crew and this brings back memories. I even see characteristics in some of this Office crew that I myself possess-some good, some not so much good. We are what we are.
Everyone will find humor in this series. ENJOY!😀😀😀
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The office season 4

How can i descibe the office in 3500 characters or less. Well for beginers the show starts right were it left off and blows you away with more Michael humor (runs over a fellow office mate). Throughout the rest of the season humor like such will leave bent over laughing. Not just that but also awkward romances of Pam and Jim; and Angela, Dwight, and maybe even Andy. The season also ends on a bang. A startling band to say the least. All in all this fourth installment of the Office is particularly amazing. Thats what she said.Read full review...


and it continues!

The Hit TV show that seems to have taken America and my household by storm. The quirky characters are back for yet another hilarious season of twists and turns and drama that could only happen to this very office.

If you love the other season you won't be disappointed with this. However, it does appear a dark cloud is looming over the office, we'll have to see where it will lead us next :)
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Only office workers fully get it, but this shop is hilarious. So easy to relate to. I actually 'work' with people like the ones on the show.

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The Office Season 4 DVD

I've enjoyed The Office since watching season 1 on DVD. I'm hooked! The cast and their debauchery simply defines typical office interaction these days. The comedic talent of the writers and directors make season 4 the best one yet. I highly recommend anyone wanting to purchase season 4 go and watch seasons 1 through 3 to get caught up on the latest in Michael, Dwight, Jim, and the rest of the character's lives. You won't be disappointed if wry, self-deprecating humor suits your fancy.Read full review...


So entertaining

This is one of the best ways to lose about 10 hours of your time. You won't regret it. As an office fan, you need to own because it hits all the high points leading up to the 5th season. And how would you not want to relive the fake proposal and Dwight/Angela getting caught....ClassicRead full review...


The Office Season 4

This is a great series with a very different kind of humor. Based off of the British version, The Office has a dryer sense of humor than many other shows, but it is difficult to not get caught up in the lives of the characters. This show is filmed like a reality tv show, which I think makes the characters feel more real, but this show doesn't have the moronic humor of most reality tv, which makes it entertaining to me.Read full review...


Absolutely hilarious---a must-own

How do I describe the Office?
I was worried that the 4th season wouldn't be as good because of the writer's strike and because I thought "How can it get any better?"
Well, it's just as good as ever--if not better.
The Office is a show you can watch over and over, and it never gets boring--it almost gets better.
This is definitely a show and a season you will love owning.
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