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It came brand new but...

It stops and freezes on one of the piracy warnings. It did it 3 times so I finally went to scene select room and I skipped forward. Not one DVD has ever messed up in this player and I can guarantee not even 30 movies have been played in it it's that new. We'll see on other players.Read full review...

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by Top critical review

DVD LOCKS UP PLAYERS. Rating the product, not the movie.

Bought this for my 2 year old knowing I love the movie. Received a bootleg copy that will not play in any of the 3 Blu Ray / DVD players we own. Actually locks them up so that I have to unplug them just to restart the player to get it to open to get the disk out. Not sure what the problem is, but definitely a bogus copy. Disk has rough edges which is odd. Just wanted a movie that worked.Read full review...

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Splendid and Effortless Looking Realization of Perfecti

Disney's 1989 animated film THE LITTLE MERMAID is a very formidable movie, surpassing the combined visual and musical artistic talents of all concerned. Character development is one of the strong points of THE LITTLE MERMAID achieved through concise dialogue, music and simplistic yet effective images. However, most effective to the success of this film are the songs that advance the story line and define the characters. That was the brilliance of lyricist Howard Ashman's contribution to THE LITTLE MERMAID. He and composer Alan Menken developed songs that in several minutes clearly define Ariel's reckless but innocent curiosity about the humans above and her yearning to discover that world. Every song in THE LITTLE MERMAID bolsters the depth of the characters, advances the plot or enhances the significance of a scene in addition to being very melodic and well written. So in THE LITTLE MERMAID we are given a substantial amount of information and entertainment in a minimum amount of time. There is not a single frame of wasted footage in this film. The combined effort is one of a splendid and effortless looking perfect creation of a classical animated Disney tale.Read full review...


Good movie family night summary

Not my favorite movie, but it is good. For those of you who do not want to know the story do not read on. This is for parents to know what to expect when showing the movie to the children:

She's a mermaid who finds objects we normally see as trash like a fork and they have a weird name and use it as a fork... it's sort of funny. She has a crab as well as a fish for friends. She falls in love with a prince. She wishes to be a human and get's her wish, but I will leave you hanging from there.... :)
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The Little Mermaid

I cannot review this movie. I love it far too much to give an objective opinion. However, I'm not sure too many people know the original story of the little mermaid so I thought I would put that on here in my own words.

The little mermaid's name has changed many times, when it isn't Ariel, sometimes it's Pearl or something else. The prince was never named either. The little mermaid saved the prince from the sinking ship and brought him ashore and fell in love with him. She went back to the sea and found the sea witch and asked to become human. The sea witch actually tried to talk her out of it. She could be made to have legs but every step she took with them would feel like razor blades going through her feet. I think she was still given three days in this original story but she had three days for him to marry her and commit himself only to her. If on the third day, she failed, she would be turned into sea foam. This was especially tragic because mermaids were immortal. The mermaid decided to go ahead with it anyway and had to give up her voice as a price. The prince found her and grew fond of her, but did not fall in love with her. He did not understand that it was she who saved him from the ship. Meanwhile, he was engaged to marry the princess of a neighboring kingdom. The mermaid befriended her as well and when she discovered she couldn't win the prince's love, although she was heartbroken, she still loved the princess as well for her kind heart.

The little mermaid's sisters heard of the promise she made and wanted to save her so they went to the sea witch as well. For the price of their hair, the sea witch gave them a dagger which the little mermaid would have to use on the prince and princess in their bed on their wedding night. If she did this, she could go back to the sea as a mermaid once more. The sisters begged her to do this but when she approached their bed, she saw how beautiful and in love they were and couldn't do it. She then disappeared.

But she did NOT turn into sea foam. Because her sacrifice was so great and her heart so full, she became a sea spirit who watched over the prince and princess for all their days and over all the sea.

So yeah, I can see why Disney changed it because it's pretty depressing. The Shelley Duvall Faerie Tale Theatre collection did follow this story and it's pretty sad to watch. Everyone should go out and buy the Disney version! At least for the crazy chef. That cracks me up.
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The little mermaid movie

Received this is a good time length however my daughter only watched it one time and when I went to get it out of the case to put it on for her it completely broke and made my daughter sad because the really wanted to watch it. I've owned movies and never once has a disc broken that way on me.Read full review...

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Princess Classic!

You must see this one of the Original Classic Disney Princess films! Another great Hans Christian Anderson story altered to cater to the typical Disney "good" ending, with all of the Disney magic that we have acquired a taste for over the years.
Princess Ariel, King Triton of the Deep's daughter, having just turned 16, has a pinchot for things from the land. She makes a deal with the Sea Witch to become human, but only for a short 3 days, with conditions. She has to get her beloved Prince Eric to kiss her before the sun sets on the third day or she will become property of the Sea Witch. Of course, the Sea Witch doesn't want Ariel, she is after "bigger" fish, King Triton himself.
Great musical soundtrack!
If you have little girls, like I do, you will enjoy watching this with them for the first time. I have 3 and 4 year-old girls who were simply glued to this film for the entire duration!
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One of the Best Disney Films Ever!

The Little Mermaid (Disney, 2006)

One of the Best Disney Films Ever! It's most likely in everybodies Top-5.

The Little Mermaid is a timeless story of Girl meets Boy, Girl falls in love with Boy, Girl wants to be with boy but has fins so Girl cannot be with Boy, and so on.

You've most likely already seen the movie so you know what's great about it, but if you haven't some of the hilights include: Some of the best Original Songs in any Disney Movie (Under the Sea, Kiss the Girl, Part of Your World), the Supporting cast (Sebastian, Flounder, the Bird), and Ariel (Very Attractive for a Half Fish/Half Girl, Full Cartoon Character)

The Bonus features on the DVD are awesome as well. With games, music videos, and a sing-along option there is enough extras to keep you busy for hours.

If you have Children, a Significant Other, or a Heart you'll love this DVD.

I give the Little Mermaid a 5/5

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A great Disney Classic to own and to treasure!

Disney movies are timeless, whimsical stories that will never go out of fashion and will live to entertain generation after generation!
The Little Mermaid is no exception to this rule. 2006 sees the release of this new, remastered version of their 1989 theatrical hit. In a 2 DVD format, this has brighter, more vibrant film footage which only adds to the delight of this film, coupled with extras that the initial pressing did not include - such as the story behind the Little Mermaid, which of course was loosely adapted from a Hans Christian Anderson tale, or a astounding virtual under the sea adventure!!Of course, the real appeal is in the actual tale itself, which tells a story of mermaid Ariel and her wish to become human! In order to achieve her dream , she bargains with the sea witch - Ursula (Disney really created a grotesque horrid character in Ursula which may be a little too intense for the younger viewer) - but of course, things are really not that simple and she finds herself battling for what she really has!!
This movie stands out for two main reasons - the incredible and vibrant graphics, probably amoung the best of the Disney Movies; and the songs - they help capture the mood of the film, tell the story and I would bet that even those who are not familiar with the movie will certainly know some of the songs such as "Under the Sea".
This is a movie the whole family will love and a worthy addition to your Disney Movie collection!
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The Little Mermaid(2006, DVD)

Hi bought the dvd today when it first came out(10-3-06)It was a great dvd it has special features and deleted material.It is truly a whole lot better than the other grainy little mermaid version. Like I said it has special features and includes a very old theatrical trailer that I've never seen before.The dvd has interviews with Jodi Benson which are great! The only thing I could say to be wrong is Disney did not include the music video of Jodi Benson singing Part Of Your World and also some trailers weren't included. Other than that it was AMAZING. You can TRULY enter the world of The Little Mermaid and go Under The Sea like never before with this DVD.Read full review...

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