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Great for a Wide Range of Ages

I've loved this movie since I was 12, when it first hit the theaters. I now run a small daycare and this is one of my favorite picks for movie time. It's emotional and deep enough to interest older children while the fun music keeps the 2 and 4 year olds engaged. It's one of the few movies that doesn't drive me nuts when the kids want to watch it over and over!!Read full review...

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The Lion King Box Set

One of the better attempts of the Disney Company's to try to recreate the magic that was once associated with the Disney name. This one has some delightful characters and VERY engaging music going for it, too. The animation, although not nearly the superior art form perfected by Walt Disney in his heyday, is above average compared to most modern cartoons. Still, it ofttimes looks as if it was created by a group of schoolchildren with a good computer program. The hero's name is Simba (a lion), and the movie follows his exploits from birth to adulthood. I wouldn't want to give away the ending here. I really don't have to. The title of the film did it for me. The primary storyline is taken directly out of a Japanese cartoon that I watched as a small child called "Kimba the White Lion." Aside from changing his fur color and first initial, many of the scenes are exact replicas of the original--albeit with much smoother animation (those old animes didn't have the computer technology that exists today) and catchy songs added. I enjoyed it enough to want it on DVD, though. If you are seeking original Disney-quality fare, look for the classics like Cinderella and Snow White. If you just want a movie to use as a cheap babysitter, little kids are bound to enjoy this one. It does have some violent segments in it, but not such a big deal compared to what gets onto regular TV these days.Read full review...


The Lion King

Classic Disney movie that is not available through normal streaming outlets. You pretty much have to purchase or borrow to view it. If you haven't seen this movie, you need to. Cultural icon. Platinum Edition contains unnecessary items but some people will enjoy them. I just wanted to watch the movie.Read full review...


Good movie.

Excellent value, very good movie. Used to have the VCR tape years ago,now the Blu-Ray is even better.


Classic what can I say

I bought this dvd for my grandson but I love to watch it with him



I love the lion king have since I was a baby it's still my favorite movie and it was awesome to receive the DVD and bluray all in one now I can own it forever

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Lion King Rules

This is one of the best family movies ever. So good you forget it is a cartoon.

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Good but a few issues

Product is good but there is a delay in the sound and what is being shown on the TV. I never contacted the vendor because to be honest it does not bother me and we did not pay that much for it.


Such a great movie

What can you say, it's a classic! Bought it for my daughter who just turned 11 and got a part in a small Lion King play. Definitely helped learn her lines as it mirrored the film.

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Disney Lion King

Great movie. Can be used to help guide discussion with children about death (& blaming self) with children who have experienced the death of a close family member.

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