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Hard to find Movie

I bought this movie for my brother. He and my dad used to set and watch this movie over and over when he was only 5. I have tried for the past 2 years to find this movie to suprize both of them. I even worked in a top 5 movie rental place as a manager and still could not get my hands on a copy of this movie. I have not been buying from ebay very long but thought i might give it a try to find this movie and to my suprize if not only found it i won it :-). I have not yet given this to my brother I think I'm going to wait for his birthday but i can't wait he will be so excited. I only thing I dislike is I wish the cover could have been in better condidtion, but as long as i have looked for it i will take it as i can get it. I am hooked on ebay now and will buy much more

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love the movie,it was easy to find on e-bay

saw it on tv once and decided it was a good movie. also like helen slater. my mothet-in-law has a thing for the movie and watches it at least once a day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. when your 88 years old and you like a movie you should be able to watch it when ever you want too.Read full review...


A classic in its own way.

I saw this movie once when I was a kid and it stuck with me. When I saw it on ebay I had to buy it. As soon as I got it, in the mail, I watched it. Its a simple movie but its just a classic. The story line is about impowerment of the youth of our nation and justice. Its about....well simply put, "Fair is Fair." Its a movie about never backing down and being true to ones self. Story line needed a little work but over all it was good to watch.Read full review...


Great girl power movie!

LOVED this movie as a child. It was good to see a teenage girl stand up for herself. Good acting, decent plot. Still love it as an adult. Not to mention a good job by a young Christian Slater. I'm just hoping they put it on DVD at some point.Read full review...


80s Power Anthem Classic

This movie is all about giving it to the man. Teens on the run becoming Joan of Arc and leading the fight that sometimes adults just suck. Great song by Pat Benatar that brings the movie home, "We will be invincible."Read full review...


this is a great movie to have in your movie collection

i like the movie alot. it is a good movie to watch and i remember watching this movie on showtime back in the day and i liked it then too.so iam glad that i got a channe to bid on the movie and win. so iam glad that i had a chance to get the movieRead full review...



This is the greatest movie of all time. Billie Jean does what we have all wanted to do at some point in our teenage lives. She stands up to an adult who tried to take advantage of her. This movie is a must see. A great rainy Sunday afternoon movie!Read full review...


Great Movie Classic

The movie is fun 70's 80's type entertainment.I love the Paat Benatar music in the movie. Although I confess i saw the movie only once before. The could have left out a couple of the F*^Ker's. Anyway ift was fun to watch.Read full review...


The Legend of Billie Jean

this movie is awesome. it was a great hit from the 80's and has the excitement of all youth who grew up in the 80's... from G.I.JOE walkie talkies to breakin' in house, stealing cars, it's jus' a cool movie!!! everyone should see it, it's fun.Read full review...


The Legendof Billie Jean

The reason why I bought it, is because I liked it when I was a teen and my son is 11 1/2 and thought he would, still a bit over his head....the tape was in good shape and rare to come by, wish it was on DVD. hope that helps with your surveyRead full review...

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