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Heartwarming story of puppy love!

In the tradition of Nicholas Sparks, characters are interesting and this particular book includes a dog as the hero and one of the main characters of the story. A little slow to start but really picks up the pace. All round relaxing read and I love stories about dogs anyway, (the main reason I chose this book in the first place)Read full review...


The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks

Another good book by Nicholas Sparks. This one has a twist of mystery and murder combined with a love story. A bit different from his usual books, but still a very enjoyable book. I was lent this book by a friend in paperback and just had to have the hard back one for my library. Being a native of NC, which is where the book takes place, it's interesting to see how many towns and places he uses that are actual places. I think anyone would enjoy this book.Read full review...


the guardian nicholas sparks

This is a well written story about a young widow getting back in the world of dating and struggling with her feelings for her husband who had passed. Set in a small town it is very realistic and you can imagin it actually happening to you. One one side there is a flashy guy who likes to wine and dine to impress, she questions whether this is actually the type of guy she wants. HOWEVER this guy also has his own issues and past that make him act in bizzare and scary obessive ways.
Then there is her best friend mike who was friends with her husband, who is there for her no matter what and understands her in everyway... simple, comfortable...as her feelings grow she realizes her husband would give her his blessing to move on and be happy
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Book Review

I love the author , He is a great writer. This specific book was one that I had been looking for. I own almost all of his work. I purchased this because I wanted to add it to my Collection as well as the condition. It seems brand new never read before. I am very happy with this Item. I strongly suggest reading some of sparks works. He is phenominal.Read full review...


A page turner!

I love the suspense. This author is true to his craft. The mix of love, murder and suspense kept me turning the pages minute after minute. I would definetly recommend buying/reading this book. The love story here is strong and breathtaking. The suspense will keep you at the end of your seat...wanting more. I can't wait to read another one of his novels!Read full review...


it is an amazing book

I love Nicholas Sparks, I love his writing , he really has a talent
His books are amazing and you really feel like the story is real
I have read almost everything he has written and when I start on one of his books I have a hard time putting it down
I read his story about him and his brother and it really gave me inside to where he gets ideas for his books
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Great Book Great Author Highly Recommended!

Being a dog owner I especially related to a lot in this book. I think that even if you aren't a pet owner the relationship between Julie and Singer will tug at your heartstrings! Nicholas Sparks is an amazing author who truly knows how to make you laugh and cry your way through each of his books! I highly recommend this book!Read full review...


One of the best Nicholas Sparks books ever!

This is the only one of Nicholas Sparks books that I had to buy after reading a copy from the library. Mike Harris is the most real male character that Mr. Sparks has created and by far my favorite. The suspense factor is about a 7 out of 10 just cause you kinda see it coming but it's still a little scary. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you might have to learn how to walk and read at the same time cause it's so hard to put down! Highly recommend!Read full review...


Great author

Again my daughter and I really enjoy Nicolas Sparks writing and wanted to read ones I had missed at the store as they came in. My cousin got me started on them. They are great and thank you for helping us.Read full review...


I am in love with The Guardian

This book was a real page turner. I couldn't put it down! I would have to say it was one of Nicholas Sparks' best books ever. The book had enough suspense to keep me on the edge of my seat but also enough romance to keep the book interesting. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good love story or a good thriller.Read full review...

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