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I was taken in right away. With the story being based on fact, it was scary to think of something like this happening in real life. I was on the edge of my seat from about 15 minutes in until the end. Have talked to several people about the movie telling them they need to see it themselves.Read full review...

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Suspenseful, edge of your seat thriller

Im very superstitious so I do truly believe there is evil in this world. This movie opened my eyes to so many possibilities, excellent movie

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Emily Rose


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*~*~ A Decent, yet Lengthy Movie ~*~*

The Exorcism of Emily Rose has been a movie we have been wanting to see for some time. After watching it, we would say it is a "decent" film, while being much different than expected.

The film is based on the trial of a Priest in regards to the Exorcism of Emily Rose, with a courtroom filled with those of modern day beliefs that have no knowledge of true-life exorcist cases. Much of the movie takes place in a Federal courtroom, except when theyre describing what happened. The movie is inspired/based on a true event.

It should keep your interests most of the way through, but it can seem to get somewhat dry at times, and it is a fairly long movie(over 2 hrs). It will keep you guessing(and hoping), and offers an unexpected ending with a surprising twist. Not your "typical" exorcism film.

EBERT and ROEPER gave it Two Thumbs Up.

If youre looking for scary or gory, this may not be a movie for you, as it lacks both.

Overall, its a decent/good movie.

Our Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Rent It or Buy It? Depending on your likings of horror films(its not horror-filled), you may want to rent it first. We're somewhat happy we bought it and would watch it again, but it wouldnt be ranked anywhere near a favorite film.

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This is a ripping good tale, based on true events, of the death of a young girl as a result of an exorcism. The Catholic priest who performs such comes off surprisingly well, given that not much pertaining to the clergy or the church gets good press, at least, in the media. The effects are good, not perhaps stunning, but good. WHat it brings home is the fact that things which occured in the by-gone milienia since Christ walked the earth and dealt with such, are just as apt to occur today. The movie, while not a plug for religion, seemed to convey this: that evil is timeless, assumes many faces and, as ST. Paul said. timeless...."We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Without attempting to evangelize, it's a good portrayal of 1st century events cloaked in 21st century culture.Read full review...


Exorcism of Emily Rose - Truly Freaky!

I had zero expectations of The Exorcism of Emily Rose when I first watched it - after all, I was sick and it was one way to fill a long evening. But we were nicely surprised by the DVD as it was very well done and took a nice, different route than must scare films as it positioned it from the midst of a legal battle. The Exorcism of Emily Rose was well done, well acted and well produced - giving it a great flow and with many chills and freaky moments along the way.

Beware... not for the faint of heart! But if you are up to the task... you will enjoy!

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pretty scary

I thought this movie was pretty good because it was based on true events which made it pretty interesting. The whole movie is wrapped around a court case which I think added a lot to keep the viewer interested. It is not like the Exorcist which was all just scary parts. I was terrified of sleeping for a few nights but that's what makes it good! When I first watched it in the theater, I played around with Google and found the actual events that it was based on which was also interesting. Her name was not actually Emily Rose and it was based out of Europe. She was actually undergoing exorcisms for several years before she died so it was a lot more drawn out in real life. Anyways, just a few facts in case anyone was interested! I would say it is well worth the buy!!Read full review...


The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005, DVD)

Based on a true story, this film is both a riveting courtroom drama and a first class chiller. A Catholic Priest (Tom Wilkinson) is on trial for homicidal negligence after performing a failed exorcism on Emily Rose, devout college girl (Jennifer Carpenter) now dead from assorted wounds and malnutrition. Laura Linney plays Erin Bruner, the priest’s defense lawyer, and Campbell Scott plays the chief prosecutor, who argues persuasively that Emily was likely suffering from psychotic epilepsy and could have been saved with hospitalization and medicine. The demonic possession unfolds in a series of spine-tingling flashbacks and as it does so, the initially doubtful Erin is visited by evil forces and her own soul seems to be at stake. More than a criminal negligence case, the trial becomes about the importance of recognizing the limits of rationality and the possibility of a world beyond the visible. In portraying the extent to which wildly different belief systems have splintered modern society this film couldn’t be more relevant or timely. Linney and Campbell are first rate, as is to be expected, creating great depth for their characters even though the script grants them almost no personal lives; it’s a very "stick to the facts" sort of tale. Each character lives a life of apparent near-isolation, which adds to the cumulative effect of unease. The house where Emily grows up is spookily oppressive, the scenes of possession are truly scary and a dark sense of foreboding may follow viewers long after the credits have rolled. Carpenter earns a place as a 21st century scream queen with her hair-raising, fearless performance; Mary Beth Hurt plays the judge.
This is a gripping movie very well put together and is a True Story...well worth the price....
{Mrs Puman}
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This movie and service was excellent in all accounts. Thank you

I'm into Paranormal studies and exorcisms at the moment. E Bay happens to have many of the books I'm using in my courses. One movie which I had to have as a study tool is the Exorcism of Emily Rose. They have the other movies that I also have to study, An American Haunting, etc. I have found E Bay to be practical, friendly, and helpful when it comes to my needs. I will always look here first for anything that I'm needing or wanting. I sincerely appreciate E Bay. E Bay products are equally, if not better than what I find in the stores.Read full review...


Gripping Courtroom Drama & Thriller

If you like thrillers, get this DVD. The movie has a number of scenes that will make you gasp. It's an unsettling psychological thriller. If you like tense courtroom dramas, get this DVD. The court scenes rival those of such classics as A Few Good Men, The Verdict, and To Kill a Mockingbird. If you like movies with an excellent cast giving memorable performances, get this DVD. Laura Linney, Tom Wilkinson, Campbell Scott & Jennifer Carpenter give strong performances. This is NOT your typical gory, bloody horror movie. It provides its share of thrills, but it has a strong story line. VERY good flick.Read full review...

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