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A Bible for your dieting efforts

I saw this book recommended by Jeri Black on Youtube and I was compelled to buy it. A steal considering she said she bought it for $30.00. I had hit a limit with my own dieting efforts and for one month and now can plunge further. It is not easy. It takes effort and will power at first but later you will feel comfortable and less deprived.Read full review...

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very informative

i was curious about this diet because my friend was telling me about it. i bought this book so i could do it the right way. i learned the principles behind it and the step by step on what to eat. sample menu as well. i would recommend it.Read full review...

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Great read

I've implemented this theory into my diet and have already lost 10 in less than two weeks and I feel great. Get the book and research and try it out!

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Dukan Wirks!!!!!

Great buy!!!!

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Stay on Phase One The "Fat Burning" phase longer. Most weightloss 1st week.

I have been on this diet going on week #3 now...The first week during the "Fat Burning" phase I lost 8 pounds. Which I thought was pretty phenomenal! However after the first week the weight loss really really slows down. I am on week 3 and I am still bouncing between 10-11 pounds of weight loss. It is not that bad to follow after you get used to the change in your eating habits. I didn't know if I would make it because I am used to eating lunch out with my friends everyday and driving through a fast food place, ordering pizza or eating out again with my kiddos at night. So it has been a big adjustment for me.
I have to say it has really taught me to read the labels of the food I am now buying at the grocery and I am a lot more conscious of eating healthy. This is something I have never done before...sad, but true!
I know how to look at a menu & make the right choices in the restaurants now. It is really a matter of making the right choices. The healthy items are on the menu. I just never chose them before. I ate out with a friend the other night at Outback & I had a steak(not ribeye...which is my favorite but a No No on this diet) & grilled shrimp. This was 100% legal....So I was very proud of myself. I could've had the salad but wasn't really hungry for it. So this diet has curbed my appetite somewhat.
I am able to follow the diet & not feel starved. However...I eat a lot of fat free vanilla frozen yogurt now...LOL...this stuff has been my saving grace 3
The weight is coming off...but it is coming off slowly. I know that is supposed to be a good thing, but like everyone else...I like instant results...So that is a downfall. I think I could stay more motivated if I saw a faster weight loss like I saw the very first week.
I am thinking about going back to the phase 1 ...The "Fat Burning" phase for a couple weeks & see what happens.
I do highly highly recommend drinking all the water he recommends. It has a huge impact on the weightloss. I figured out that all Dr. Dukan is requiring you to drink is the equivalent of 3 bottled waters...That is not that much really. It can be tea, it can be coffee & you can even add one of those sugar free koolaid packets, Wylers or Hawaiian Punch...or whatever flavor you like to a bottled water & those all count toward your water intake. But most importantly...Drink your water!
I hope this helps others that are thinking about this diet.
You actually get a lot to eat on this & it is very healthy.
Overall I recommend this book & diet....but still thinking about doing phase one...The "fat burning" phase for a couple weeks straight...Most of my weight loss was during that phase.
Take Care & Good Luck!
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Better than I even imagined! Even for my mother and husband!

I am amazed!! My mother is over 60, my husband and I are over 40. We decided to do this diet because my mother had to lose some weight and my husband and I thought it would be great to lose a few pounds. At the end of SEVEN days my mother had lost 10 pounds, my husband 7, and I lost 5!!!

Because of my mother's health we included steamed vegetables for dinner and in the eggs for breakfast. We used spinach, asparagus, onion, brussel sprouts, and onion. I can't believe I haven't missed chocolate, which I used to eat everyday. My mother who said she couldn't go without chocolate has been all week and happy. My husband and I already have stopped needing heartburn medicine. We are now halfway through week two. We have all agreed we are full and satisfied and this is the best diet we have ever done.

I have had many compliments on my fantastic complexion and slim waist. I see muscles I haven't seen in a couple years but I have another 10 pounds to go. I am so glad, after trying a ton of point systems, etc. I tried this diet. I feel great!!
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All in all....see your local library, or buy it here, and enjoy!

MAN WAS THIS THE MOVE! The local library was not even stocking it yet! I searched hi and low (mostly hi) to find this! And MY DREAMS CAME TRUE THANKS TO EBAY! I have lost so much weight, that I have difficulty lifting a pencil to even write this. In fact...I am so thin, I AM A PENCIL!
My friends pass me by and don't even say hi to me, as I don't think they can see me anymore. Either that, or they don't talk to pencils.
That said, I am now afraid to use the bathroom, as I might actually disappear if too much comes out.
So much for DUKAN!
Perhaps there is a PART 2,. ON HOW TO STOP LOSING WEIGHT?
Wish I could write more, but I am jumping up and down on the keyboard to make the letters push all the way...and my sneakers are wearing out!
G d b e f r now,,,,,Sorry, but I can't hop on all the letters......goodbye for now.
BASICALLY the STillman diet, with a few curves tossed in.
TEAMGLOCK (For all your GLOCK needs)
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Most Helpful, Amusing Diet Book!!

This book shows you how to go on the diet and how to get off the diet once you've lost the weight. This is the only diet book I've seen that tells you how to Live once your off the diet. It does start off as a high protein diet, but he gives vegetarian instructions and tells you how and when to add vegetables to your diet. I know it works because I've been on a diet like this before (without instructions on how to not re-gain). Also, I've lost weight this time already. I like that the doctor tells you not to go on the diet if you are not going to stick with it. He warns you why not following all four steps will cause you to re-gain weight plus more. He also tells you how long to be on each step and how to proceed through steps 3 and 4 if you decide to quit the diet early and want to keep the weight off. He gives information on his website on how to decide on your goal weight.Read full review...


Best diet I have ever been on. And so easy to follow.

6 weeks today on the diet and lost 13 lbs. SWEET!!!! I am never hungry and eat or drink all the time. Go out to eat and just live my life. A very easy diet to follow. I have about 4 friends that are doing this with me so we swap recipes and weight loss stories. I guess I could have lost more, but I DON'T exercise. LOVE and LOVE this diet and plan to stay on it a very long time.Read full review...


Best diet ever! Nothing else comes close!

In my opinion and experience, this is the best diet ever! I've only tried one other diet and that was the Abs Diet by Men's Health. It is a great idea and works but at a slow pace and it was just too complex and time consuming for me...a guy who likes things simple. Eating 6 times a day and having it precisely spaced out and the the complex recipes made it very hard to stick to. It felt almost like a full time job, although it is a very well balanced diet plan.

The Dukan Diet caught my eye when I searched popular diets on Youtube and it showed up on an episode of the Dr. Oz show. I instantly started checking into customer reviews and the overwhelming majority of them where excellent so I immediately became interested and ordered the book! I loved the simple concept to losing the weight and keeping it off!

To sum it all up, I have been following this diet for a full 25 days and have lost 26 pounds! I have even had two or three slip ups in those 25 days due to the many family get togethers and cookouts we have during the summer. All I've done to counteract these slip ups was to increase my exercise the following day. This has been the easiest weight loss ever because I never feel hungry or as if I am punishing myself in any way! Get the book and you'll be glad you did! It could be one of the best choices you have ever made, it certainly was for me!
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