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Most Entertaining

This is an excellent movie, and well written. It is an excellent stiry and real to life, on the fashion industey. All increduble actors!!! Great pics for their roles.

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Love this movie !!

I just love this movie ! Meryl Streep is amazing !!! Ive.watched it several times !!

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The devil wears prada

Just a fun movie. Pay close attention to the jewelry... Its all real and very valuable. Characters and actors are over the top great


One of my favorites

We have watched this movie several times and really enjoy it. Somehow our copy was scratched, and this replacement plays just fine. This is the movie that introduced us to Anne Hathaway. What a great actress.Read full review...


A surprisingly entertaining movie pitting ego against integrity

I bought this movie for several reasons. I never went to the theater to see it, because Meryl Streep was in it. She is so blah. However, she fit this part. I used to be a magazine editor, and it brought back so many wonderful, and awful, memories. When talking about "the book" it made me homesick for my old life. It was especially entertaining. Editors are treated like royalty at times, although this movie escalated Miranda a little too high. But there is always one evil editor in a publishing company who has a massive ego. (not me, my associate)
Also, I could watch Simon Baker all day! Would certainly purchase again.
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the fashion industry- very fascinating

this flick was about the same time as the Project Runway series........very entertaining...... and Ann Hathaway is cute and delightful..............

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Loved this movie.


Lovely Product, A Pleasure Doing Business With!

Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) is a fashion she-devil in "The Devil Wears Prada."
Meryl Streep is indeed poised and imperious as Miranda, and Anne Hathaway is a great beauty ("Ella Enchanted," "Brokeback Mountain") who makes a convincing career girl. I liked Stanley Tucci, too, as Nigel, the magazine's fashion director, who is kind and observant despite being a careerist slave. But I thought the movie should have reversed the roles played by Grenier and Baker. Grenier comes across not like the old boyfriend but like the slick New York writer, and Baker seems the embodiment of Midwestern sincerity, which makes sense, because he is from Australia, the Midwest of the southern hemisphereRead full review...


Awesome movie

Love this movie. So funny and beautiful clothes to drool over!!!!

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Devil Wears Prada, and Chanel, and Gucci and on and on!

Cute movie, fairly well written. Meryl Streep is fabulous as always. The Male art director is played supurbly by Stanley Tucci. Not too over the top just enough. But the female lead and her boyfriend were a weird casting?? She did not really act, seemed to just walk through it. And her boyfriend was really not developed. He is fantastic in Entourage and easy on the eyes, but was kind of out of place here. The female leads friends should have been developed more. The Clothing was fabulous to say the least, a must have for any fashionista simply for motivation when getting ready for a night out. Makes you want to re-evaluate your career decisions and go to work for a fashion publication just for the wardrobe closet. The personalities could work for any career or industry. Who hasn't worked with a person like Meryl. ha ha. Very good movie. My 69 year old Dad loved it as well?? Go figure. It is very well done and worth the time. Even a significant male "other" won't mind sitting thru it. Great to introduce fashion to even the most unwashed tree-hugging fashion novice. TRead full review...

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