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Book is great to read and you can use on a day to day basis with the input it gives you.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: thrift.books


An Excellent Product

I am having an excellent experience with this book, it is doing me change many concepts about life. The author teachs us about several ways to make us happy in life, how we can positively contribute, specially to us, and to different persons, be of the family or be to unknown persons, at home, at company, at school, at restaurant, whatever and wherever be. Stephen teachs us that we should not let the situation dominates us, unlike, we are us to dominate the situation and give it the better response, the response that will do not sick us of the soul and body.

For more information and learning, read this book, I have sure every that read it will like and get a new vision about the life and will pass to live better, far better. Provided that what is learned is applied.
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Excellent book that is worth reading no matter what you do!

This is a very good book! 15 million have been sold for a good reason. Stephen covey makes very deep subjects and ideas into an easy to understand and useful format. This book could definitly "change your life". I would reccomend this book to anyone who wants to be a better person. It covers many areas of life and isn't focused on one area such as business which is good.Read full review...


A Guide book for successful living.

I read this book when it was first written. It has been my bible for life. It has taught me how to live a principled life that has served me well. It teaches how to achieve peace of mind within and building trust without. When I now talk with people it is not hard to see who has read this book.Read full review...


Very fast shipping by this Ebayer and the item was described perfectly!

I am only in Chapter Two, but it is going to be life changing! This is exciting. The change has to take place in myself and the way it is laid out in this book, it is very easy to apply those changes.Read full review...


A must book for all readers of self improvement and improvement in others.

This book stands the test of time and will never go out of date or style. It is a must for any personal library and you can read it and refer back to it over and over again. Should be used at work and personal life on a daily basis. But, like the author said, you must apply what you learn so that it can be actually effective too!Read full review...


Thanks for the Book!

I needed to buy this book for school. I bought this book for cheap rather than paying the high prices at school. I was very pleased to receive this book before I started classes. So far it has really helped explain the circle of influence, I understand paradigms better, and I like the different examples that are in the book. The examples he gives are life related and help me understand the reading better. However, some parts to this book are just common sense, but still useful. Thanks for a great book!Read full review...


Highly Effective Read

As a mother, wife, and coach, I have found that I need to be continually stretching myself and growing as a person in order to fulfill each of my roles most effectively. Although I am a natural leader, there are many areas of opportunity for me to address in order to reach my full potential.
Stephen R. Covey's "7 Habits Of Highly Effective People" is an excellent book to bring clarity into your life. Should you need tools to help create purpose, goals, and vision, this book is for you. Covey clearly communicates each habit using a variety of diagrams and charts, concluding each habit with a series of application suggestions. Take your first step toward taking over the reins of your life by reading and applying the principles of this book... you will not be disappointed.
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Great JOB I enjoyed the book.

Thank you for the Covey Book it was a wonderful book to use for one of my classes. IT was a through all book and it was a great way of looking at managing employees, thank you,

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