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Well designed100% agree

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Only Taylormade drivers for me

Several years ago I finally tried a Taylormade driver and quickly became hooked. Recently my daughter backed the car over it. Now I found this great buy on an even better Taylormade Superfast I hit with confidence. I am not a great golfer, but keeping drives in play makes the game more enjoyable. My Superfast Burner makes that achievable even for me.Read full review...

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TM 9.5 Degree Superfast Driver - Regular Flex

I love the TM Superfast Driver. I bought the 9.5 degree hoping to get a few more yards than I was getting with my TM 10.5 degree Superfast Driver with regular flex shaft. No adjustment to swing required as the shafts are the same length (46"). I gained +/- 10 to 12 yards. Not sure if it was spin reduction or what but I love the club. It fades easy, draws are a bit harder to achieve but doable.Read full review...

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just as discribed, on time

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great club

great club, good buy

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TaylorMade driver.

I love my new driver. Loved it the first time i tried it.

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Really loving my Burner Superfast. Wish I had bought it sooner.

A really great driver. It's about 5 to 10 yards longer than my previous Callaway X driver. The club feels really light and I love the look when I address the ball. The aerodynamic look of the club head behind the ball just gives you a feeling of confidence in hitting a great shot of the tee. As I get older (I'm 62), I'm always looking for those ten yards that I've lose each year. The regular flex shaft seems suited to my swing and is not to whippy. I'm just waiting for the fairways to dry out so I can get a little more roll. The model I purchased is an HT (high trajectory). I wanted one with a little more loft since I have a low boring ball flight. I thought the higher trajectory might get me a little more carry. I can draw the ball or I can fade it with no difficulty. I'm very pleased with my Burner Superfast.Read full review...


Definitely an improvement just from one visit to the range

Just bought this club last week and took it out to the range this weekend, and I can already notice a difference. Reading the reviews about the open club face did concern me a little, since I do play a fade, but I hit this club straighter, and swung smoother with it than I did with my previous Callaway FTi-draw, and TM R7 Draw drivers.
I play a fade and lately its just been a slice. Its true this club does not go left, but when you swing balanced, this club will hit em straight,( with a slight fade for me). Looks great with the white head, definitly caight the eye of others at the range.
Cant wait to see what I can do with it on the course.
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The TaylorMade Burner Superfast is made for the "average" golfer, Only!

If you are an avid golfer that has been playing with a "standard" driver, with a club face that is slightly open - this club IS NOT for you. This club comes standard with a 48g shaft (too wimpy for a fast club swing) and a club face that is slightly closed at address. It was designed to help golfers with slower golf swings get the club faced closed at impact. I immediately started pulling all my drives left with this club, and I tried for a month to adjust to the setup of this club and hit my drives straight and I was only successful about 30-40% of the time ( I track my play stats). I did see an increase in my distance with this club, but it wasn't worth the lost of control. The Burner TP is the club of choice for golfers who know the difference between a Pull, Draw, Slice, Fade, and Cut shot and how to hit them. You will have a hard time hitting a Fade or Cut golf shot, with the TaylorMade Burner "standard" since this club is designed to be an Anti-Slice club. If you want to hit a Draw as your ball flight, you will enjoy the TaylorMade Burner "standard". Since my swing speed is faster than the average golfer, I had no trouble hitting a Draw consistently off the tee with this club due to how it sets up. You should definitely visit a Golf Shop and demo this club before you buy it on-line. I purchased this club on-line based on the reviews, and was shocked and disappointed in how I hit this club. It was only after I went into a Golf Shop, and had somebody tell me about this club, that I learned about how it was designed, longer with a slightly closed cub face at address, that the reasons why I was having so much trouble hitting this Driver straight came to light. I have switched to the Burner TP and it's just what the Doctor ordered for my swing. Your mileage may vary so definitely go and demo this club at a Golf Shop before you buy it on-line. Hope this helps somebody else before they make the mistake that I did, when buying this club based on reviews, and not on actually hitting the club first to see if it matches my golf swing.Read full review...


I would recommend this club to any 55+ golfer. Technology rules!!

I am very pleased with this purchase. The club is easy to use and has added an additional 10-15 yards on average with a variation of up to 30 yards when everything comes to together.

The light weight is not all that apparent, but the swing speed results are hard to argue with. I have a stiff shaft on the club and have increased my accuracy. While I don't hit the fairway every time I am usually close. If not the fairway most of the time I'm in the first cut.

Manufacturing quality is typical TaylorMade which is to say excellent. This club delivers better results than my R9 and a Callaway that I first used.
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Taylormade Superfast Burner

Currently own the 2009 burner driver. Decided to give the new Superfast 2010 model a try. Have only been using it for 2 weeks and it DOES take some getting used to. It IS light and swings fast. This club
has improved the accuracy of my drives, even better than the 2009 model. However, I have not gained any distance, possibly may have lost some. It may be too early to tell as I am still getting used to swinging this club, but I am hopeful my distance will improve. Also, it seems like I have to tee the ball up high to get the same height on my drives that I was getting with my 2009 Burner driver, even though they are both 10.5 degree lofts. I'm curious if others are experiencing these results or if it is just me
and I have to get use to this club. Time will tell.
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