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Good product and value. I bought it for my parents who are in their is but it was a the type was a little small and hard for them to operate.

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We own 4 of these phones, they do the job,

Bought it to replace one with a cracked glass.
Pros: Compact size. relatively inexpensive. Can install a 32g sd card for expanded memory.
Cons: Have difficulty with htc sync app, photo quality is not as good as the i-phone, picture duplicates appear in my gallery... perhaps the cause is my lack of expertise on the use of this product. Battery charge life could be better.Read full review...


HTC myTouch

Nice little phone! Nice size. Easy to learn it's functions and easy to use!

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Great Smartphone for what you pay today.

Although this phone is obviously dated, and Single Core Processors are a dying breed and struggle to handle the most current apps and games, if you're looking for a cheaper but high quality smartphone with 4G coverage then consider this. This phone does all the basics like a smartphone should. You can make phone calls, text, browse the web, watch youtube and netflix etc. The interface is pretty user friendly and easy to use. I would not recommend this for heavy gaming as this is only a single core and it will lag. It also has a 5mp Camera which still yields great pictures. However the one thing I absolutely love about the camera is that it features tap to focus while in video record mode. Even a lot of the newer android smartphones today lack this option and only support continuous or fixed auto-focus which I despise especially when I want to see more details up close or focus on another object in the background. My only real gripe is that the battery life is not so good. But this can be resolved by carrying a spare or buying an extended life battery. If you are looking for a good starter smartphone or just want all the features of an android without paying $100's of dollars then I highly recommend the HTC Mytouch 4G!Read full review...


Fixed the port in 10 minutes, without disassembly!

Phone had brown paper towel fluff stuffed into the USB charge port and earphone jack.

Making them useless.

Cleaned with a dissecting needle, 00 crochet hook, and #7B serrated tweezers.r>
From my camera repair tools

Phone is FINE, for WiFi usage, here.

FUN!Read full review...

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phone was good but not what i wanted

worst phone i ever had


great phone great price

good phone good reception, good everything vert satisfied

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Nice first Android device that doesn't skimp on features.

I bought this phone because it seemed like a good mid-priced and mid-ranged Android phone that also happened to be on the T-mobile network. In addition, it was highly rated for phones of its class. I also wanted something I thought would be a good replacement for my iPod Touch and my regular cell phone.
As it turns out it is more than a match for the iPod. It has a 5mp camera vice a .7mp camera. It has GPS vice none and a replaceable battery by the user.Among other things. It also has a micro SD card slot and while the iPod has built in 32GB storage, about 3GB of which is used for system files. The MyTouch, on the other hand, can use an entire 32GB SD card which can be swapped out if full. Also, the MyTouch is infinitely more customizable.
What I like the least about the MyTouch is its capacity as a phone. Unfortunately my little Motorola flip phone works a lot better. The worst part of the MyTouch phone is the speaker and the volume. At max volume I can barely hear the phone ring and the speaker phone is virtually useless. My wife has a Samsung Intercept and the speaker phone on that is infinitely better. The MyTouch speaker and ring volume is worse in the car but if it is paired with a decent bluetooth device the speaker phone feature can be ignored.
This is my first Android phone so I can't really compare it to any others. I find the Interface quite intuitive but there was a bit of a learning curve in some instances compared to the iPod. If you spend a lot of time on the phone, especially where you find in convenient to use the speaker phone then this is not for you. But, if you are carrying two devices around, one for a phone and one for everything else and you don't use the phone for your business, then this might be just the device for you.
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Farid's review

This item is good to have as a standby in the event of problems with my regular.

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Elegant technology, lightning fast processor, superior display

At first glance, I was struck with the physical appearance of the myTouch 4g. The large 3.8 inch screen is framed with an elegant chrome accent. The painted metal battery cover is easy to remove, however, will probably show wear with age. Overall appearance is excellent.
Call quality on the myTouch 4g has been very good in normal and speaker phone modes. Call are easily placed and the phone had no problems multitasking while in calls. Callers tell me the sound quality from this phone is outstanding.
The phone rocks with the lightning fast 1ghz Snapdragon processor but even that takes the back seat to the Genius Button. The phyiscal Genius Button accesses a voice activated menu for text, email, directions, web searches and more.
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