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Good value100% agree

Long battery life100% agree

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Nice phone awful battery life

Not a bad phone. I am just used to older phones. The battery dies everyday by the end of the day with little or no use and all extras turned off. I drained and recharged it as suggested but its back to lasting not even an entire day. Maybe that's normal but I do not like it. Most features are easy to use, takes good pictures just not the phone for me I guess.Read full review...


Great phone, good price, battery is eh.

I went from the BB 9700 to the mytouch, but I've had a G2 and a G1 and many other Android phones. So this was not my first. The phone is quick to respond. Sliding it open and closed can be done with one hand and typing is easy either via the touch pad or the keyboard. Personally, I couldn't deal with a phone unless it had a keyboard so it was definitely worth the extra money to get the slide. The genius button is pretty cool. I've only used it a couple times to play with it, I don't usually use voice commands.Read full review...


There is none better!

With three teenagers, myself and my husband, we have seen many cell phones! When I say this is the best, it really is!!!! It has so many features, a scanner, camera/video camera that takes excellent photos, full internet,GPS, touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard, it's easy to figure out, and has the Android Market! You can find anything there.... free! This phone is the best! I actually just bought my second one, the only thing that it doesn't seem to be so great at is swimming in the toilet!! Trust me, you will love this phone!Read full review...


Lots of features for the price, nice size screen, like the slide keyboard

I like the touch screen features and the nice size display, but it is nice to have the option to slide and use the keyboard since it can get alittle troublesome typing on the touchscreen.


Easy to Mod Full Keyboard Features on par or better than newer products

It is way to easy to be caught up in the race for the most awesome smartphone and manufactures do not make it easy why should they?? Touting new and improved functions whiz bang screens and the such ,but lets slow down and think your buying the software not the phone and there are a myriad of variations out there some good some awful some so bundled tight with the hardware it makes the unit useless for upgrading . Answer the My Touch 3g still a solid buy after a dominant run and it still fetches a high price due to its simplicity and good features
Full Keyboard
Crisp responsive screen
Good Battery
Tons of accessories at a lower than average price
And for the Geeks like me easy to mod and place the latest software on the device and run a variation of Android 2.3 with more features and less headache and no bundled crap ware . Speaking of the later that's what I did and the smooth 600+ processor skips along and 5mp camera cannot be beat (granted you will need a decent photo app to make it better) Now memory 512/512 and a removable storage up to 32gb **Wait that's comparable to some of the new ones ** Surprise even running stock firmware you have the features of some of the newer more heavily priced units minus Dnla and no HDMI everything else is on par.So if your looking for affordable with a heavy upside in longevity then stop reading and get yours today
Read full review...


User friendly!

Nice clear display! Ease of use bottons in qwerty order. Good organiztion of features. Good internet speed.


Definitley a smart investment as far as touch phones with keyboards go.

I was scared to upgrade from my flip phone to a touch phone. But the MyTouch 3G Slide was a good transition phone because it still has the keyboard. I found it very easy to use inspite of my technology-phobia :) One of my favorite things is the quality of the touch screen. It is very accurate! Please note that is very large both in width and length because it does have a slide keyboard.Read full review...


Nice little phone

Nice phone, good form for a slider phone.Nice size keyboard and screen, but i wish they put more internal memory so it doesnt lag or have problems downloading applications.
But over all its still a good buy for android starters.Read full review...


I wood buy it again.

The phone works great. The battery life is the best. The slide to use the qwerty keypad is rough. And the only strange thing is the phone shuts off and on, on it's own. It happens when text messages are sent. Other than that it works good. For the money I spent hey your going to have some quirks.Read full review...


Awsome product! Great value for the money!

I bought this phone as an upgrade, this is an awesome phone. I really like it. Its user friendly and access all apps. It has great clarity and fast when surfing the web. I like the qwerty keyboard but the quality of the keys could have been better kinda cheaply made. Other than that its a good phone for someone thats upgrading for the first time to an android phone.Read full review...

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