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Good graphics100% agree

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great game

played it before but wanted my own copy. great price too. thank you

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This game represents every reason why I can't stop playing games.

There are so many reviews for this game but none capture the true appeal of this game. This game has something most games do not have.

-Amazing story
-easy controls
-emotion / drama
-extras " tons "
-fun minigames

This story goes deep into your soul and will keep you entertained to the end and after. You will not be able to put this down once this journey begins!

I would advise anyone who loves RPG's to try this game out. This price is steep but once you play you will relize why.

Note: Play Suikoden 1 first and try to get 100 percent in that game. The save file carries over...no spoilers so I wont tell you what happens. Enjoy!!!!
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Awesome game! Worth every penny that you would spend on it!

I played this game far back when it first was released by borrowing a friend's copy. I was enthralled and pulled into a world that consumed me. The story and game play are of epic proportions and many of our current generation of games could learn a lesson from this game.

Over the years I've tried to get a copy of this game and I have finally succeeded. Needlessly to say it was worth every penny I spent on it.

If you want a game for it's story and the depth of the game play it provides, then this is one for you. How many games can you name where you can pick from 108 characters to play? Not that many and most of those if not all belong to the series that this game is from.

I've played every game in this series and this one by far is the best.
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One of the rarest gems of RPG titles that is simply awesome.

This is like the hardest game to find. The first was added to PSN but in 2 years they've never made part 2 available that way. It's a great game series and S2 is indeed a rare gem. What makes this game and the others in the series so unique in the 108 stars of fate and while it may not be a popular as Final Fantasy, it has a great story and gameplay. If you love RPGs then this game if worth playing.Read full review...


Rich score, great replay value.

One of the first things I notice about any RPG is its musical score. Miki Higashino strikes a good balance between themeless, complex background music similar to the style of Hitoshi Sakamoto and epic, rich recurrent themes. Her use of deep chord structure, percussive syncopation, and conflict-resolution is appreciated and is just one more of the reasons this is such a great game.

I bought this when it first came out and its continually jumping street value has justified the purchase of at least two more games. The replay value on this game is great--this game is a completionist's nightmare. The Clive subquest, collecting all the recipes, and playing around with all the possible combinations of 108 playable characters, each with rich portraits and stories, make this a game I can't help but pull down from the shelf once in a while.

It's not without fault, there are a few typos, plot inconsistencies, and a little frustration every time you want to go back to a particular town only to find it's under siege by the Highland Army. Still, so much care was put into this game, it's score, visuals, sounds, sub-quests, characters, and minigames that this is well worth the dough for any RPG collector.
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An amazing RPG both in it's day and today.

This game is amazing. It has a typical turn based RPG battle style, the magic in this game runs off the 'Rune' system. Which Is a lot like the Materia System in Final Fantasy 7, the main difference being that there is no MP in Suikoden, instead you can only use each Rune a certain number of times before you ned to rest to 'Recharge' them. In addition to this system there are also Duels and War Battles. The Duals pit the Hero against the Enemy and you have various commands you can use and you must predict your enemy's moves to be successful. Then in the war battles you control many units and you move around a grid representing a land area and fight the enemy units. All of these systems are a lot of fun and never get old. There are 108 characters that you can recruit to join you (Any Suikoden fan knows this to be a hallmark of the Series). You have a Castle that you can decorate and this is where your people live. This RPG has a great story and will keep you guessing until the end. Anyone who like's RPGs will love this game, it is worth every penny. Even if you are new to RPGs, no RPG could be a better introduction then this game. Get it, I highly recommend it.Read full review...


My favorite game of all time

I played Suikoden 2 long ago, it was a pirate copy by the way, the game rocks, I fell in love with the story, the gameplay, everything was perfect, even my sister who inst a gamer wanted to play it and love it.

Then I was sad when I found that the game was rare and expensive. But several years later my sister and I decided to get the game, and it was worth it. This is the best RPG of all time, thats all, its the best, if you like RPG you HAVE to play this one and the sequels and prequels.

Now I have them all, well, I still need Suikoden I in disc (I own it for PS3 classics). But anyway, its a great game.
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A Masterpiece among RPG's!

I played the first Suikoden when it came out in 1996. I was 7 years old. I adored that game. I lost the first one, but bought it on eBay around 5 years ago. Since then, I've discovered that it's had 4 more sequels, the second being the best in the series... but also the most expensive. It's taken me a longtime to accrue the funds to buy it. But I did, and cheaper than most other offers.

This game is simply amazing. It brings me back to the good old days of Suikoden I, with characters like Flik and Viktor, but it also progresses the story in the absolute best ways possible. This is certainly a game that shouldn't be missed. If you're a fan of RPG's, you have to play this series, or at least the first two!
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The greatest RPG for Playstation - of all times! ^_^

Excellent??? Is that as high as I can go in this ratings system?

That is the real disappointment, not Suikoden II itself.

Out of all the Suikoden Games out there to date, Suikoden II has been one of the hottest items for sale on the game section on eBay and every other store or online retailer. That is because out of the entire series, it is the best one to date. Yes, Suikoden I was good, yes, Suikoden III had a cool story and graphics... sure Suikoden V was incredibly good too, heloping save the game series from the disaster that was Suikoden IV.... But Suikoden II is where it is at. That is Suikoden at it's best, with anime-style graphics and a story that left you breathless.

The Suikoden games began with its humble beginnings while the Playstation 1 was considered a "hot" console. Then ame SuikoGaiden Stories Volume I and II in Japan, which never made it to America. But that is because we did not NEED SuikoGaiden Vol. I and II when we have Suikoden II right here in the USA! ^_^

The story originated from the Chinese story about the 108 Warriors of Destiny and much like everything the Japanese manage to incorporate into their culture, they have transformed a Chinese tale into a world of magic, amazing characters, graphic beauty, compelling stories, and fun play with the Japanese dose of drama we all expect in RPGs.

That is what Sukoden II is all about. Graphical beauty, outstanding music, characters you can relate to and in fact associate with, and a story that will leave you breathless. The numerous endings also add to the drama of the choices we all face in everyday life and yet can change everything.

If Suikoden II doesn't touch your heart and make you play the game over and over again, specially after playing Suikoden I, then you should either give up on RPGs altogether or get a new heart! LOL ^_^

Best game made for the Playstation 1. Get this game if you have not yet. 5/5
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Suikoden II

The sequel that many of us in the Suikoden world awaited for a long time. A step down from the original but still the second best in the series and one of the best rpgs ever made. This one looks great, great use of color and interesting music as well. This one involves a great platonic triangle between the three major character and is the focus of the plot progression, apparently fate isnt very changeable in this one. Luca Blight is a classic villain, completely insane and murderous. The only improvement over the first is an excellent use of artistic videos in intro and introduction credits. The duels and war battles are less interesting but slightly more tactical. The story is quite good but has lost some of the novelty and resolution of the first. All-in-all a great sequel to Suikoden I and well worth the massive price it was garnering in '06 and '07.Read full review...

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