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Seger Kills it!

I bought this CD because my older brother had it when I was a kid. This is the album that turned me on to Bob Seger. It's just as awesome as I remembered. If you only listen to "Old Time Rock and Roll" and "Feel Like a Number", you're cheating yourself. This entire album is off the hook. Not a bad song on the disc. Do yourself a favor and buy this CD.Read full review...


Stranger in Town

My copy of this CD was actually worn out! And after seeing Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band on 1/18/07 I just couldn't wait to hear all the old catalog. So I purchased this copy and am so glad my Bob Seger catalog is intact again. This CD contains some of my favorite rockers: Feels Like a Number and Old Time R&R and a gem of a song: Brave Strangers. I think you would enjoy it........Read full review...


Awesome Cd! Awsome singer. Great price also!

I always loved the older Bob Seger songs and music. I grew up listning to them. This is a great music cd. I will always love to listen to Bob Seger.


This is a great tape

I love seger. This tape takes me back in time. I can just about remember what i was doing and where i was when I listen to this tape.Lot of good songs !


Stranger In Town Artist Bob Seeger

Heard the song, Till It Shines at the end of the movie "1969" and bought the cd that the song was on. Its a great cd with lots of sole. I recomened it


a pretty good album

The thing i like about this album is that it is kind of mellow and definetely the Bob Seger style. I was not very fond of some of the songs though, but that is just me. We've got Tonite is an awesome song! This CD is worth checking out if your a Bob Seger fan.Read full review...


Bob Seger Rocks!!

I am a huge Bob Seger fan. The CD had the songs I did not have yet in my collection. No dislikes it is a great CD!!


Bob Seger

Love all the songs not a weak one in the bunch. Brings old music to a new date. Wish there was more like it.

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