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LOVE this movie about citizens and their roles--

This is one of those films that you absolutely adore or you hate--there's really no in-between. It's that way with many of Paul Verhoeven's films, Showgirls being a prime example. If you can get past the fact that he is responsible for that horrible movie, then you'll be in a better mind set to enjoy this one!

The movie is based on a 1970s novel wildly popular with many, as it explores the idea of what it means to be a "citizen". Is it something we all have the right to, or should we earn citizenship first? That's the question the book explores.

Being Hollywood, though, some of the more intellectual aspects of the book are glossed over here. However, the movie is still true to the book in many ways, and is exceptionally entertaining anyway. The movie follows Johnny Reco and a few of his friends from high school as they join the service and begin fighting giant bugs across the galaxy. There's lots of action and a whole lot of humor, including some that those with an affection for kitsch will love. The service announcements that ask citizens to "do their part" by stomping on bugs and the like are hilarious, and the film never disappoints. The characters seem like action figures themselves, with gleaming teeth, shining eyes, and unfailing optimism. It's over the top humor and action, and I find it absolutely enthralling.
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Starship Troopers DVD -Do you want to know more?

Well I have to admit I am a SST (Starship troopers)Fan/ nut! This is a great film if you want action and love to see those thousands of Bugs swarm all over your heros and Heroines. Warning to parents there are a couple of my favorite nude sceens (tops and some butts). Now if you are looking for something which is science based and logical this is not that film. This is pure HERO stuff with humans tossing themselves in droves against millions of BUGS that can tear you into pieces (yep there aremany graphic seens too.) This isn't the book version - no power armor and squads fighting like armies landing in drop capsules. This is the charge up San Juan Hill humans vs insect pure fun and motivating stuff that we loved as kids.Read full review...

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